Liyue's Mansion: Scarlet Villa

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Liyue's Mansion: Scarlet Villa It is a Decoration that can be used in the Relaxer system.


  • 1 Description
  • 2 Floors
  • 3 Areas
    • 3.1 Lower deck
    • 3.2 Upper floor
  • 4 Obtaining


This splendid Liyue-style residence, one of the teapot's main mansions, is as luxurious as any building on Yujing Terrace. They say the Adeptus prefer simplicity in their worlds and rarely settle in mansions like this. This building was specially built by Madam Ping for Paimon and you, as they had been sleeping and eating outside for a long time.


Lower floorUpstairs


Lower floor

  • Living Room
  • Inner room (north)
  • Inner room (south)
  • Inner room (southeast)


  • Corridor
  • Interior room 2nd floor (north)
  • Interior room 2nd floor (south)


  • This Mansion is awarded when you unlock one of the following designs:
    • Floating abode
    • emerald top
  • This Mansion can also be unlocked by reaching Confidence Rank 7.
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