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Litsai is a non-playable character located at the gates of the Liuli Pavilion and near the Port of Liyue Teleportation Point.

In the Archon Mission "an organization known as Wangsheng", Litsai and Hongru escort Tartaglia, Paimon, and the Traveler into the Liuli Pavilion, where Zhongli is waiting for them.


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Pabell贸n Liuli, Puerto de Liyue

Missions and events

Archon missions

  • Chapter 1, Act II, Goodbye, Master Perfected
    • An organization known as Wangsheng (English translation)


  • Stone Harbor Treasure Journal (English Translation)


  • Best Li Style Restaurant




Quantity Total Price
Delights of Puerto de Piedra 1925 2 3 850
Noodles with mountain delicacies 2150 2 4 300
Cured meat with matsutake 7275 2 14 550
Heavenly Axis Flesh 12000 2 24 000
Recipe: Delights of Puerto de Piedra 2500 1 2500
Recipe: Cured Beef with Matsutake 500 1 500


Litsai: Welcome to the Liuili Pavilion! How many people accompany you? Do you have a reservation? Do you have food to go? Litsai: Of course! You can enjoy our classic Li cuisine wherever you want. (The Liuli Pavilion Shop menu opens.) Is it always necessary to make a reservation? Litsai: Yes, sorry for the inconvenience. If you wish to eat inside the Restaurant, we ask that you make a reservation three months in advance. I'll be sure to write it down. Litsai: Hey? Does a three-month wait seem long? There is a limited capacity of clients that we can receive per day, so the wait is long. Litsai: Also, for a chance to eat in Li's kitchen paradise, three months is not too long ... Litsai: People who come to the Liuli Pavilion do so because they love to taste gourmet food cooked in classic Li style. Everyone has to wait their turn, even the rich and famous. Litsai: You can order take-out if you want, but you will miss the atmosphere of the restaurant. Goodbye. Litsai: Take care. Let me know right away if you ever want to make a reservation!

Change history

Version 1.3 Launched the Liuli Pavilion Shop by talking to Litsai. Version 1.0 Litsai was added to the game.
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