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    Linlang is a non-playable character in the Port of Liyue. The Xigu Antique Shop is only open at night. And during the day she can be found browsing some stalls at the northern end of Liyue Harbor. Following a certain dialogue path for the first time gives you three Fine Refinement Ore.

    She too exchanges the three Nameless Treasures for 350 Adventure XP, 40 Protogems, and 100000 Mora. Optionally, the opaque ring from "The Nine Pillars of Peace" can be sold to you for 200000 Blackberries.


    • 1 Missions and events
      • 1.1 World missions
      • 1.2 Archon Mission
      • 1.3 Commission missions
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    Missions and events

    World missions

    See also: World missions.

    Archon Mission

    See also: Archon Mission.

    Custom missions

    See also: Custom missions.


    Image Purpose Cost Limit
    48px Itinerant Doctor's Medicine Bottle 猸愨瓙 2000 1
    48px Itinerant Medic's Owl Feather 猸愨瓙 2000 1
    48px Itinerant Medic's Handkerchief 猸愨瓙 2000 1
    48px Itinerant Medic's Silver Lotus 猸愨瓙 2000 1
    48px Itinerant Doctor's Pocket Watch 猸愨瓙 2000 1



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