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    “A merchant from Liyue sporting a striking appearance, as always. Well, as long as your conditions are as attractive as your appearance ... »

    Liben (Chinese: 立 本 Lìběn) is a traveling non-playable character from Liyue who makes an appearance during the Bazaar of Wonders event.


    In the first Bazaar of Wonders event, Liben introduces himself as a small-time former curio merchant who grew up after becoming involved with the Seven Stars of Liyue. At that time he learned from Ninguang that difficult times were coming for all of Teyvat, and that the Stars planned to abruptly sever ties with the Fatui. Planning to make a lot of money by raising the prices of everyday supplies once the hard times hit, he enlisted the Traveler on his new adventure of storing those supplies. However, he discovers in the end that Ninguang tricked him into exposing his greed and, humiliated by the experience and left penniless as a result, decides to step back and reassess his situation.

    During the second Bazaar of Wonders event, Liben returns, having paid off his debt by working at the Liyue Harbor dock. Planning to gather materials to send to Sumeru, a nation of rainforest and desert.


    • He carries three Dragon Ball spheres in his backpack, along with a bunch of crystals from Honkai Impact 3rd, another miHoYo game.
    • On the last day of the event, the text on the items page changes from "Items required for today are as such", to "Although things have reached this point, a merchant does not break his word ..." to reflect how could he have been fooled.
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