Last Chord

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Valery Aloyants
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«A bow that once accompanied an extraordinary instrument. He is no longer able to make people dance. »

Last Chord is a bow from Genshin Impact.


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Level Basic attack Elemental Mastery
20 / 20 109 64
/ 40 135
40 / 40 205 93
/ 50 231
50 / 50 266 107
/ 60 292
60 / 60 327 122
/ 70 353
70 / 70 388 136
/ 80 414
80 / 80 449 151
/ 90 475
90 / 90 510 165


An exquisitely carved bow with strings of different materials on each ring.
When firing, its strings shake, creating fluid music.
He is also capable of shooting arrows that chase the heart of his target, emitting a melody that is accompanied by the coldest of kills.

When the Orchestra disbanded, the bow's musical strings were cut with a blunt blade, creating a piercing screech.
Now they are simply ropes for shooting arrows unable to make any sound. Even so, it is still a lethal weapon.

The Wanderer's Orchestra could make birds fall from the sky; sometimes with the melody of the harp, and sometimes with the arrows that followed the melody through the air.
The harpist was playful and determined, like the wind that blows away with the melody of his harp and the flowers that grow on the Starry Cliff.
Following the failed uprising, the Wanderer's Orchestra disbanded and its members fled.
The harpist, on the other hand, stayed to the end, deftly plucking the strings of the instrument and raining down a torrent of arrows to protect his comrades.
Bravely, he played until his repertoire and arrows were exhausted.

The harpist, a native of the magnificent and enchanting land of Fontaine, traveled the world in search of his true destiny.
All the ladies of Fontaine's court are said to have wept in pain upon hearing the tragic news that he had left without saying goodbye.

Legend has it that the harpist fell in love with a humble Mondstadt woman who was later chosen for the miserable fate of being the princess of the Ludi Harpastum.
It is said that the musician did not regret dying anonymously in a foreign country.
His only regret was discovering his true love, and not having the opportunity to sing another song.

Passive effect

LevelEffectRefinement cost
1Increase elemental skill damage and elemental blast by 24%.500
2Increase elemental skill damage and elemental blast by 30%.1,000
3Increase elemental skill damage and elemental blast by 36%.2,000
4Increase elemental skill damage and elemental blast by 42%.4,000
5Increase elemental skill damage and elemental blast by 48%.


Ascension Maximum level Cost Weapon Ascension Material Common material 1 Common material 2
1 20 5,000
3x Decarabian Tile Fragment

3x Heavy Horn

2x Sturdy Arrow
2 40 15,000
3x Decarabian City Rubble

12x Heavy Horn

8x Sturdy Arrow
3 50 20,000
6x Decarabian City Rubble

6x Black Bronze Horn

6x Sharp Arrow
4 60 30,000
3x Decarabian Epic Shard

12x Black Bronze Horn

9x Sharp Arrow
5 70 35,000
6x Decarabian Epic Shard

9x Horn with black crystal

6x Veteran Arrow
6 80 45,000
4x Decarabian's Dream Shard

18x Horn with black crystal

12x Veteran Arrow
Max 90 Maximum level
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