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    Lantern Stage: Animated Music

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    Joel Fulleda
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    Lantern Stage: Animated Music It is a Decoration that can be used in the Relaxer system.


    A stage in the style of Liyue. The sturdy decking is made from two-colored wood and the lanterns are used as decorations.

    This setting provides artists of all stripes with a platform from which to show their skills to the world, be it a storyteller, a traditional opera, or a more modern performing form.


    • Through construction, it can be built by reading the blueprint, obtained as a reward in the Mimi tome event.
    Manufacturing time: 16 hours
    First manufacturing experience: x90
  • Fragrant cedar wood
  • 6 × Fragrant Cedar Wood
  • Hazel wood
  • 6 × Hazelnut wood
  • Red tint
  • 6 × Red dye
  • Lantern Stage: Animated Music
  • 1 × Lantern Stage: Animated Music
    • 6 Fragrant cedar wood
    • 6 Hazel wood
    • 6 Red tint

    1 Stage with flashlights: Animated music

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