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    Language Exchange

    «Ella Musk wants to find a group of Hilichurls to practice her hilichurlio. She claims to have a solid understanding of the basics of the language, as well as enough experience communicating through it ... She just never had a chance to speak to them. »



    1. Talk to Ella Musk.
    2. Head to the Hilichurls' camp with Ella Musk.
    3. Approach the Hilichurl that is awake, avoiding waking up other Hilichurls.
      • (If you fail) Kill the enraged Hilichurls.
      • (Version 2 only) Drive away the enraged Hilichurls.
    4. Talk to Ella Musk.

    1. The first time you successfully complete it, you will earn the Achievement "... Odomu?"
    2. The second version of this quest can only be obtained in Rise of the Wind.


    Adventure Range Language Exchange Language Exchange Language Exchange Language Exchange Language Exchange Language Exchange
    12 ~ 15 10 175 2,775 25 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    16 ~ 20 10 200 3,200 30 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    21 ~ 25 10 200 3,625 35 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    26 ~ 30 10 225 4,050 35 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    31 ~ 35 10 225 4,475 40 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    36 ~ 40 10 250 4,900 45 0 ~ 2 1 ~ 3
    41 ~ 45 10 250 5,325 50 0 ~ 2 1 ~ 3
    46 ~ 50 10 250 5,750 50 0 ~ 2 1 ~ 3
    51 ~ 55 10 250 6,150 55 0 ~ 1 1 ~ 4
    56 ~ 60 10 250 6,575 60 0 ~ 1 1 ~ 4


    (Talk to Ella Musk) Ella Musk: Traveler! Here! Ella Musk: Don't scare those Hilichurls. Why do you always run straight to the Hilichurl camps? Ella Musk: Forget it, it's not important. I have been studying Hilichurlio for a while, but would rather put it into practice than study it in books. Ella Musk: I finally came across a whole Hilichurls camp ... I can't pass up this opportunity! Ella Musk: So traveler, can you go with me to the camp and help me find a Hilichurl to practice with? Language Exchange Sure, let me beat one up for you. Ella Musk: Waiting! No! Who taught you to go hit Hilichurls like that? Ella Musk: Let's calm down, let's go together and introduce ourselves kindly. Language Exchange Maybe you better go alone. Ella Musk: That's not going to happen! This is a unique opportunity. Even if you just want to hang around, I won't let you go so easily! (Follow Ella Musk and talk to her again) Ella Musk: Fortunately there is one awake at the moment. Ella Musk: Let's say hello. Ella Musk: But be careful, it would be rude of us to wake up others. Ella Musk: We don't want them to think that we are storming their camp to attack them. Ella Musk: Then there will be no way for them to speak to us.

    Talk to the Hilichurl

    (Version 1) Ella Musk: Olah! Muhe mimi, nye, eh ... mosi aba? Hilichurl: Yo mimi beru si? Ella Musk: Buka ... mita nye, guru-guru ... yo mosi ka? Hilichurl: Ya odomu, Todo yo, buka guru-guru nye. Ella Musk: Mi? Dada! Valo. Hilichurl: Valo, ya odomu. Ella Musk: Hehe, look at how it behaves. He looks so happy! Ella Musk: It seems to have been a success, and my hilichurlio has finally gotten better. (Talk to Ella again) Ella Musk: What do you think? My hilichurlio is not so bad, huh? Now that we can communicate, it is only a matter of time before we can understand each other. Ella Musk: At least I hope so ... My dream is to be friends with the Hilichurls. Ella Musk: Certain! Before I forget, take. It's a gift from that Hilichurl. Ella Musk: A gift from a Hilichurl! Bet you never thought that day would come! Ella Musk: Well, I better go, I have so many new finds to write down. Maybe we will have a chance to meet again. (Version 2) Ella Musk: Eat allegiance, eat pupu dada mosi! Plama ye upa dada! Hilichurl: Dala beru yo !? Kundala muhe, kucha? Ella Musk: Kundala gusha! Hahaha! Hilichurl: Eat allegiance, eat plata, pupu! Hilichurl: Movo unta nye kucha, mi dada tiga mitono! Ella Musk: Oh! I think you got me! Looks like he's pulling something out to show us ... Ella Musk: Oh no! It's a weapon! Traveler, help me! (Talk to Ella after killing the Hillichurls) Ella Musk: Good that you are here, otherwise I have no idea what would have happened to me. Ella Musk: I don't think I said anything wrong ... Maybe my pronunciation is wrong? Ella Musk: I guess I'd better go back to the books and do some more research before trying again ...

    If you wake up the Hillichurls

    (Talk to Ella after killing the Hillichurls) Ella Musk: I said don't scare the other Hilichurls! Have you ever tried to approach a Hilichurl camp in silence? Ella Musk: Ugh! There are no more Hilichurls left in this camp. A great opportunity completely wasted ... All I can do now is wait until the next time.


    Based on the Hillichurl Language that is known so far, Ella's conversation can be partially translated:

    (Talk to the hilichurl) Ella Musk: Olah! Muhe mimi, nye, uh ... mosi aba? [Hello there! Do you want / would you like to, no, um ... eat later?] Hilichurl: I mimi beru yes? [What do you want from us? / Are you talking to us?] Ella Musk: Buka ... mita nye, guru-guru ... I mosi ka? [Stomach ... no food, hungry / my stomach is ringing ... do you eat (ka)?] Hilichurl: Ya odomu, All of me, buka guru-guru nye. [Human friend (?), (All) your, stomach won't be hungrier / won't ring anymore.] Ella Musk: Me? Dadaist! Valo. [Me? Brilliant! Thanks god.] Hilichurl: Valo, ya odomu. [Thank you / goodbye, human friend (?)] Ella Musk: Hehe, look at how it behaves. He looks so happy! Ella Musk: It seems to have been a success, and my hilichurlio has finally gotten better.

    This translation is provisional, as we currently do not know the entire language of the Hillichurls, and has been created from the book Mimi tome. It will be updated as more information in this language is revealed.

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