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    Komore Tea House

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    Aina Prat
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    “A tea house located in the place with the best views of the city of Inazuma. He seems to have a strong bond with the Yashiro Commission. The boss, Taroumaru, is famous among dog fans. It is said that, before they closed the nation, people used to go to Inazuma to admire the ... wonderful countenance of Taroumaru. »

    La Komore Tea House (Japanese: 木 漏 茶屋 Komore Djaya) is a tea house located in Inazuma.

    The owner is Taroumaru, a canine of the Shiba Inu breed. Only people approved by the Kamisato Clan can visit this property. After drinking tea, customers leave their payment in a special box.

    There is a story that the employees signed a contract with Taroumaru to work there forever.


    • 1 Location
    • 2 NPC - Non-Playable Characters
    • 3
    • 4 Curiosities


    Inazuma City, Inazuma

    NPC - Non-Playable Characters

    • Around of the Kemore Tea House
      • Kozue - Komore Tea House Waitress
      • Heihachi
      • Ramsay
    • Within the Kemore Tea House
      • Taroumaru - Owner of the Komore Tea House
      • Nobumori
      • Nakanishi

    Receptionroom 1room 2Dining roomback


    • It was mentioned for the first time in the special program of Version 1.6.
    • In the room where Nakanishi is located, the Chronicles of Sangonomiya book can be found.
    • By opening the valuable Chest at the back of the reception, it will show you that it is actually a private pantry, inside the chest there are Lives × 180 000 with Raw meat × 3 and Scaradiablo × 3. This chest does not count towards Chest Opening achievements. Upon opening it, Paimon will say the following:
      • Paimon: Eh? Raw meat and devils ... Is this someone's private pantry?
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