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    Kagawa is a non-playable character located near the Bourou Village Mountain of Watatsumi Island, Inazuma.

    By engaging in a certain dialogue conversation for the first time, you can receive a Resistance guide.  


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    Kagawa He is a Sangonomiya soldier who is dedicated to guarding the Bourou People, he is a nature lover and believes that the best thing to train the body and the soul is to train in nature, while absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. Also, he ran into Kazuha.


    Pueblo Bourou, InazumaKagawa in Bourou Village


    • Today's training ...


    Kagawa: Hmm, yeah ... Getting close to nature is also part of the training. Is there something interesting in the vicinity? Kagawa: In my opinion, the landscape of Watatsumi Island is the most remarkable. Kagawa: Immersing yourself in nature while training is a truly satisfying experience. Training? Kagawa: That's how it is. I think people have to train more in nature while they are young. Only by absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon can the body and soul be truly trained. Kagawa: Flowering marks the change of the seasons, and the flow of this waterfall marks the flow of time. Kagawa: We all live in nature and we should appreciate its beauty instead of burying our heads at work all the time ... Kagawa: Wait, no, I mean you can only work your best if you have trained well before. You're right. Kagawa: Exactly! I met a young samurai with a streak of red in his hair, and he said so too. Kagawa: I'm not sure that was the exact meaning of his words, but he was surely a nature lover, like me. Kagawa: Not to mention that his abilities were far above mine. Apparently he could predict the weather only by the movement of the wind and the grass. That should be the pinnacle of training. Kagawa: Nature is so beautiful ... I also have to train more. You're actually lazy, aren't you? Kagawa: Hey, don't be so insensitive. Kagawa: Life is short and beauty is hard to find, so you don't have to push yourself too hard. Kagawa: This is for you, I hope you do well. You receive: ( Resistance guide 脳 1). Goodbye. Kagawa: Bye. Remember to smell the flowers and enjoy the views as you travel.


    • It is possible that he is referring to Kazuha by mentioning "A young samurai with a red lock in his hair."
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