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    Isla Narukami

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    ~ Special Program Version 1.5

    La Isla Narukami (in Japanese: 鳴 (な る) 神 (か み) 島 (じ ま) Narukami-jima) is an island of Inazuma. It was first revealed in the Version 1.5 Special Program.In the center of the island is Yougou Mountain, which is home to the Narukami Grand Shrine and the Sacred Cherry Tree, while on its coast is the city of City of Inazuma.


    Montaña YougouNarukami Grand ShrineRitouAraumiChinju ForestInazuma CityLlanura ByakkoIsla AmakaneIHacienda Kamisato.png Hacienda KamisatoIsla Jinren
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