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    Inazuma City

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    La Inazuma City It is the main city in the Inazuma region.


    • 1 Outskirts of Inazuma
    • 2 Tenryou, Inazuma
    • 3 Stores and Venues
    • 4 NPC - Non-Playable Characters

    Outskirts of Inazuma

    “The outskirts of Inazuma are a quiet place with a traditional atmosphere, reached by walking up an old street. The prosperity and bustle of the city do not seem to have reached this far. But the power and grace of the Shogun also reach this place and bring a different lifestyle. »

    Tenryou, Inazuma

    “Many alleys intersect and finally converge in front of Tenshukaku, the undisputed center of Inazuma power. Under the silent and eternal gaze of Her Excellency the almighty Shogun, the inhabitants of the city are finally released from their worries and lead a joyous life in which they do not have to pursue their desires. But how is this pure land that the Shogun sees? »

    Stores and Venues

    • Katheryne of Inazuma
    • Restaurante Shimura
    • Bazar Tsukumomono
    • Komore Tea House
    • El Origen del Netsuke
    • Amenoma Smithy
    • Editorial Yae
    • Bantan Sango Detective Agency
    • Kiminami Restaurant
    • Pirotecnia Naganohara
    • Fabrics and Kimonos Ogura
    • Police station
    • Tomoki Food Stand
    • Yukio Food Stand
    • Aisa Spa

    NPC - Non-Playable Characters

    • Around the Naganohara Pyrotechnics
      • Naganohara Ryuunosuke — Maestro pirotécnico
      • Tokunaga
      • Yamaue
      • Pika
      • Nishiguchi
    • Around the Amenoma Smithy
      • Amenoma Tougo - Owner of the Amenoma Smithy
      • Hajime - Amenoma Blacksmith Apprentice
    • Around the Kiminami Restaurant
      • Kiminami Anna - Owner of the Kiminami Restaurant
    • Around the Bantan Sango Detective Agency
      • Ryuuji — Detective
      • Sango — Detective
    • Around Editorial Yae
      • Kuroda - Editor of Yae Publishing House
      • Shigeru — Editor de la Editorial Yae
      • Show the
      • Junkichi
    • On the north stairs of the Inazuma City
      • Amano - Guard
      • Sanada - Guard
      • Shouta
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