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    Inazuma (Chinese: 稲 妻 Dàoqī, Japanese: 稲 妻 Inadzuma) is one of the seven nations of Teyvat. It is the city-state that worships Baal, Archon Electro.

    Act II: Omnipresence over mortals takes place in this region.


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    In the last year in relation to the current events of the game, the situation in Inazuma has taken a drastic turn towards isolationism, locked up under the Sakoku Decree. Baal also promulgated the Visions Capture Decree, declaring that visions, as gifts from the gods, should be in the exclusive hands of the divinity, and is now gathering all of Inazuma's to embed in the hands of a statue of a thousand. arms, the God of Hundred Eyes.

    Atsuko, a resident of Inazuma who escaped to Liyue, describes the country as a "tense" and "dangerous" environment and does not suggest traveling there; He also comments that the Kanjou Commission conducts many evaluations that citizens must pass in order to be given permission to leave Inazuma. She bypassed those evaluations by making her own raft and fleeing to Liyue. However, the Fatui seem to be able to come and go freely due to their diplomatic immunity.

    Featured trips

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    • Isla Narukami
    • Kannazuka
    • Isla Yashiori
    • Seirai Island
    • Isla Tsurumi
    • Watatsumi Island


    Name Description Image
    Inazuma City, Narukami Island The liveliest and most prosperous area of ​​Inazuma, where most of Inazuma's population lives. From Hanamizaka to the city streets, you can follow the trail to visit the local traditional shops and taste the specialties of Inazuma.

    The Tenryou Commission is also located in the city, and regulates matters related to public order and security, as well as the military affairs of the Shogunate.

    At the top of the city of Inazuma is Tenshukaku, where the Shogun Raiden resides and rules Inazuma.

    Ritou, Isla Narukami To successfully explore the realm of the Shogun during this time of the Sakoku Decree, you must first pass the checkpoint in Ritou.

    Ritou is under the jurisdiction of the Kanjou Commission and people need various documents to get the pass. However, to obtain the necessary travel permit, you have to go through a very complicated procedure and have the proper connections. Without the travel permit, you can only stop briefly at Ritou.

    You will see other outsiders who are also trapped there, together looking at the desolate landscape of the fishing village with red maples and green roof tiles.

    Aldea Konda, Isla Narukami A small village located on the outskirts of the city of Inazuma.
    Bosque Chinju, Isla Narukami A quiet and mysterious forest located at the foot of Yougou Mountain.

    Here one can find statues of Tanukis everywhere, torii gates scattered throughout the forest, and abandoned shrines hidden in the depths ... Like a flowing river, they tell legends that wind their way into a forgotten past.

    It is rumored that when you walk through the Chinju forest, you may meet mysterious beings who like to make jokes ...

    Yougou Mountain, Narukami Island A mountain on Narukami Island, home to the Narukami Grand Shrine and the Sacred Cherry Tree.
    Gran Santuario Narukami, Isla Narukami The largest shrine in Inazuma, located on top of Yougou Mountain. It is dedicated to Her Excellency the Almighty Narukami.

    For those with desires, they can climb to the top of the mountain one step at a time. For those who have earned the favor of Electro, they can use the Globular Lightning to fly and reach the sanctuary surrounded by the huge Sacred Sakura Tree. The Sacred Cherry is in constant bloom, symbolizing Narukami's eternity.

    After passing through the many torii gates, find the shrine maiden to pull out a fortune sheet and ask for Narukami's blessing.

    Yougou Mountain, Narukami Island A mountain on Narukami Island, home to the Narukami Grand Shrine and the Sacred Cherry Tree.
    Tatarasuna, Kannazuka Legend has it that Kannazuka means "the hill where no gods reside". Until now, Kannazuka is a disputed territory between the Shogunate and the Sangonomiya Resistance.

    Kannazuka has mountainous terrain with high steep cliffs. Amid the rocky outcrops is Mikage Forge, Inazuma's largest foundry facility. This is where jade steel is made, a rare material used in Inazuma to forge swords.

    Kujou Barracks, Kannazuka The Shogunate military camp at Kannazuka.

    There will always be an irreconcilable conflict between the Narukami people who believe in the Shogun Raiden and the Sangonomiya people who believe in Watatsumi Omikami. The fighting between the two sides has only gotten worse since the Visions Capture Decree was enforced.

    To quell the Sangonomiya Resistance, the Tenryou Commission has stationed the Shogun Army here. Compared to the Sangonomiya forces, the Shogun's army has more troops, is better trained and well equipped. Victory seems assured for the latter.

    Nazuchi Beach, Kannazuka Located between Yashiori Island and Kannazuka, Nazuchi Beach is a place ravaged by war. On the shallow shore, apart from the Violet Ibis looking for a place to rest, there are broken flags and broken arrows from previous battles, as well as broken masts and shattered deck from shipwrecks.

    As a result of the war, pirates and ronin infest the place in search of loot. Even the rare Dendobrio flourishes in this place ...

    Garganta Musoujin, Isla Yashiori This narrow and majestic rift valley runs through the eastern part of Yashiori Island.

    This extraordinary sight is not a natural formation, but rather the result of the fight in which Archon Electro killed the giant serpent. The valley of the rift is named after the Musou no Hitotachi, a testament to Archon Electro's swordsmanship.

    To this day, the remains of the giant snake are still scattered all over Yashiori Island. The Tatarigami that emerged from the remains of this god seems to be awakening ...

    Serpent's Head, Yashiori Island Of the giant serpent that was defeated by Archon Electro with the Musou no Hitotachi, only its weather-bleached remains remain.

    Although his skull still looks up to the sky defiantly, the god is already dead, so the name "Watatsumi Omikami" is gradually being forgotten.

    Even if the giant snake died a long time ago, you can still clearly feel the traces of its power left behind. Under the influence of the Tatarigami, Yashiori Island has been abandoned by its inhabitants. What can be seen on the island are only endless rains and thunderstorms trying to wash away the remnants of the past.

    Aldea Higi, Isla Yashiori (In construction.)
    Mina Jakotsu, Isla Yashiori (In construction.)
    Bastion Fujitou, Isla Yashiori (In construction.)
    Bastion Mumei, Isla Yashiori (In construction.)

    Points of interest

    Name Description Image
    Mikage Foundry, Tatarasuna, Kannazuka Revealed as a preview in the Version 1.5 Special Program as: "The largest foundry facility on all the Inazuma Islands, surrounded by uneven and rocky terrain. War has halted production."
    Inazuma City
    Tenshukaku, Ciudad de Inazuma Revealed as a preview in the version 1.5 Special Program as: "The residence of the most exalted of all Inazuma. Standing on the highest point of the city, watch over everything under the dominion of Archon Electro."
    Isla Narukami Revealed as a preview in the version 1.5 Special Program as: "A sight witnessed by all incoming travelers to Inazuma. The Narukami Grand Shrine and Sacred Sakura on the mountain, and the city of Inazuma on the coast."
    Gran Santuario Narukami, Isla Narukami Shrine located in the mountain on Narukami Island.
    Isla Yashiori Revealed as a preview in the version 1.5 Special Program as: "The skeleton of a great serpent rests on this island. The presence of evil is palpable here."


    The following characters are from Inazuma:

    Playable characters

    Character Rarity Vision Arma Gender Region of origin Current region

    Kaedehara kazuha

    Male Inazuma

    Kamisato ayaka

    Female Inazuma

    Kujou sara
    â € â €

    Female Inazuma

    Sangonomiya kokomi

    Female Inazuma

    â € â €

    Female Inazuma

    Shogun Raiden

    Female Inazuma


    Female Inazuma

    Announced characters

    Character Rarity Vision Arma Gender Region of origin Current region


    Male Mondstadt Inazuma

    Mentioned characters

    Character Vision Arma Gender Region of origin Current region
    Male Inazuma
    Kamisato Ayato Male Inazuma
    Skirmish Male Inazuma
    Shikanoin Heizou Male Inazuma
    Yae miko
    Female Inazuma


    • Inazuma (Japanese: 稲 妻 Inadzuma) means "lightning bolt" in Japanese.
    • The Hepburn romanization of 稲 妻 is "Inazuma", the spelling used in the game. However, the Nihon-shiki and Kunrei-shiki romanizations are "Inadzuma", because the third syllable is a tsu with dakuten (づ) and not a su with dakuten (ず). Although the third syllable is sometimes casually romanized as "dzu", no formal romanization system uses that spelling. All these romanizations are pronounced the same way. The づ kana is no longer used in modern kana spelling and only exists because of rendaku.
    • According to Cheng the Ninth, a competition called "This novel is amazing!" It is held periodically in Inazuma by Yae Publishing, a giant of the Inazuma publishing industry.
    • According to Xu, Xingchiu's novel called "A Legend of the Sword" is "all the rage in Inazuma right now".
    • Like real-life Japan, Inazuma has been hinted at as an island only accessible by water. It has been mentioned that there are sailors with ships bound for Inazuma in the port of Liyue.
    • According to Barbara, there are blue trees that exist along the seashore near the city of Inazuma.
    • A restaurant called Uyuu Restaurant (Japanese: 烏 有 亭 Uyuu-tei; Chinese: 乌 有 亭 Wūyǒu-tíng, "Restaurant of nonexistence") is located in Inazuma, and is mentioned on someone's Drifting Bottle.
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