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    Inagi Hotomi

    Inagi Hotomi (稲 城 蛍 美 Inagi Hotomi in Japanese) is a non-playable character located in the Narukami Grand Shrine, Inazuma.


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    Inagi Hotomi he wears the Miko uniform consisting of a white Kosode and a red Hakama, white Tabi socks and Okobo sandals with red straps. Her brown hair is tied up in a high ponytail leaving her bangs out.


    Gran Santuario Narukami, Inazuma


    • Praise Archon Electro ...


    Inagi Hotomi: Hello, traveler. Welcome to the Narukami Grand Shrine! Inagi Hotomi: If you run into trouble or want to make a wish, don't hesitate to come here to ask for a toothpick of fortune, and may Archon Electro bless you. How does the fortune stick thing work? Inagi Hotomi: People who want to make wishes often go to the Narukami Grand Shrine to ask for fortune sticks and pray for the protection of the Archon. Inagi Hotomi: Even if you are a traveler from abroad, you will still be blessed if you believe in Archon Electro. The wishes of the people? Inagi Hotomi: Yes ... I have been in charge of receiving people who come to seek fortune for a while, and I heard all kinds of wishes from all kinds of people. Inagi Hotomi: Many of those who came recently wished that the Border Closure Decree would be lifted soon ... Inagi Hotomi: Archon Electro ... No, it doesn't matter. Inagi Hotomi: As a miko, I must always follow and serve Archon Electro. My heart and my soul belong to eternity. Could you tell me more about the Narukami Grand Shrine? Inagi Hotomi: The Narukami Grand Shrine is a place for making offerings and performing ceremonies. Here everything follows the will of Archon Electro. Inagi Hotomi: Miss Yae Miko is the head miko of the Narukami Grand Shrine. She is in charge of everything. Inagi Hotomi: But Ms. Yae is very busy, and she is also the head of Yae Publishing House. So when she's gone, I take care of her job. Inagi Hotomi: If you need help from the sanctuary, don't hesitate to ask me. Goodbye. Inagi Hotomi: May Archon Electro bless you! I hope you do well.


    • During Kazari's dialogue during the Offering of Sacrifice quest, we discovered that Inagi Hotomi she had an ancestor named Inagi Misato, who was also a Miko.

    Missions and events

    Archon missions

    • "The immutable goddess and the eternal utopia."
      • "A road full of broken dreams."

    World missions

    • Sacrificial offering.
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