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    In distant lands

    Who I am
    Pau Monfort
    Author and references

    "Alrani, the researcher from Sumeru, seems to have a new idea for her thesis ..."

    In distant lands is a world mission from Inazuma


    • Take a photo of Epikkusu and its owner
    • Take a photo of the Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe and its owner
    • Go to the pier and take a picture of the fisherman
    • Talk to Vahid
    • Help Alrani gather the ingredients
      • You need 1 Seaweed, 1 Rice and 1 Fish


  • Adventurer experience
  • Adventurer Experience 100
  • blackberry
  • Must 30
  • Hero wit
  • Hero 3 Wit

    You will need the Onigiri recipe You will get it from a non-playable character called Yukio

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