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    HR Hypostasis they are life forms that reached the highest level of elemental purity.

    Hypostases are invulnerable when their cubic shell surrounds them; They are only exposed when their diamond-shaped cores are exposed, usually during or after performing an attack. Their attacks deal elemental damage of their type and are immune to that type of element.


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      • 2.4 Cryo Hypostasis
      • 2.5 Pyro Hypostasis
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    Elemental Hypostases are life forms that have completely abandoned their previous biological form and structure, allowing them to reach the highest level of elemental purity. Hypostasis research is primarily led by scholars from the Sumeru Academy, but due to the amount of danger they pose, in addition to their scientific name and codename, the rest of the information remains a mystery. »

    ~ Adventurer's Manual

    After losing approximately 95% of its health, the hypostasis will enter a "revive" phase in which it spawns several elemental items of its kind that must be destroyed or absorbed within 15 seconds. If not met, Hypostasis will revive with a percentage of health based on how many of these items were left at that time. With the exception of cryo hypostasis, revival items are a one-time occurrence and will not respawn if dealt with first. Pyro Hypostasis is a unique exception, as it does not have a reactivation mechanic; in its place is a fire shield that makes it immune to damage until it is removed.

    Electro Hypostasis and Geo Hypostasis will die after their elemental items are destroyed. Hypostasis Anemo and Hypostasis Cryo will revive even if all of their items are destroyed, but the former returns in low health, while the latter needs to be destroyed before it stabilizes. Hypostasis Pyro will die once it is extinguished and its HP is completely depleted, but it can regenerate HP while on.


    Electro Hypostasis

    See also: Electro hypostasis.

    Code name: Aleph. An Electro being of great purity.

    Anemo Hypostasis

    See also: Hypostasis Anemo.

    Code name: Bett. A being Anemo of high purity.

    Geo Hypostasis

    See also: Hipostasis Geo.

    Code name: Grimoire. A high purity Geo being.

    Cryo Hypostasis

    See also: Hipostasis Cryo.

    Code name: Daleth. A Cryo being of great purity.

    Pyro Hypostasis

    See also: Hipostasis Pyro.

    Code name: Ayin. A Pyro being of high purity.

    Hipostasis PyroElectro HypostasisAnemo HypostasisGeo hypostasisHipostasis Cryo


    • In Neoplatonism and Gnosticism, the term hypostasis refers to an underlying substance that sustains the fundamental reality. Gnostic Christians typically used the word "hypostasis" to refer to the Holy Trinity.
      • The Gnostic Hypostasis Exegesis of the Archons is a representation of the Gnostic mythology behind the creation of the cosmos and Earth, and how the Archons rule over humanity with the intention of preventing them from reaching gnosis and ascending to the supercelestial kingdom of Ogdoad.
    • Instead of the Gnostic term "hypostasis", the Chinese version uses the Buddhist term 无 相 Wúxiāng, a translation of the Sanskrit word animitta (अनिमित्त), which means "without sign" (traditional English translation) or "without aspect". The Japanese and Korean versions also follow this term. It is considered to be one of the Three Gates of Liberation, along with emptiness and desirelessness.
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