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    Hongyi He is a member of the Geoarmada that patrols the Chihu Rock in the Port of Liyue. He usually wanders the area between Grandma Shan and the docks.


    Hongyi has a strong sense of justice and is deeply concerned about the water pollution situation on Feiyun Slope. The price increase due to water shortage annoys him a lot, saying it "makes him sick".

    Between the messages on the Feiyun Slope Notice Board and the dialogues of Bourgeois De'an, Hua Chu and Jianchiu, the truth behind the contamination of the Feiyun Slope spring is revealed. Hua Chu and Jianchiu are in love, but Bourgeois De'an refused to recognize Jianchiu due to his low social status. So the two of them decided to elope by faking Hua Chu's death, and somehow obtained a corpse resembling Hua Chu and dressed him as her, then put it inside the well to make it look like he had committed suicide. They are now traveling to unknown places, currently standing at the Stone Gate.

    It seems that Hongyi is not aware of the discovery of Hua Chu's "corpse", as his dialogue will always point out that the cause of the contamination is unknown.


    • I can not believe it...


    • 寮樻瘏 H贸ngy矛 (lit. Broad Stamina) is a Mandarin Chinese word that means that a person is magnanimous, resolute, and has a strong and courageous mind. It has its origin in a statement by the philosopher Zengzi that appeared in the Analects of Confucius.
      • "The officer cannot lack breadth of mind and vigorous endurance (寮樻瘏). His burden is heavy and his career is long. The perfect virtue is the burden that he considers he must bear, isn't it heavy? Only with death its course stops isn't it long? " (translated by James Legge; emphasizing Hongyi (寮樻瘏)).
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