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    Guardian of the Ruins

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    Valery Aloyants
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    芦The weak points of the Guardians of the Ruins are their head and the energy core in their back. Try to attack them at those points. 禄

    El Guardian of the Ruins is a monster that are part of the Order of the Abyss.

    According to the Teyvat -Mondstadt Travel Guide, the valley in which a Guardian of the Ruins (Brightcrown Canyon) is located is protected by mechanisms, "but the soldiers responsible for defending the passage for the King of the Tempest were not by nowhere. The only thing that survived the wind of time were the unintelligent Hilichurls and silent mechanical guardians. My experiment of controlling the Ruin Guardians with Hilichurls also failed. The guardian broke into pieces and ... Well, better Let's not talk about the Hilichurl tied to the guardian. Oh, and not about half the ruins, which were also destroyed. "


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    Adventurer's Handbook

    An ancient humanoid-shaped war machine.
    Legend has it that it is a machine bequeathed by an empire that disappeared. Some say that it was not built to fight, but to protect the ruins of the past.
    However, Nobody understands why they use explosive attacks on the ruins that they should protect ... 禄


    A very ancient war machine in a humanoid form.
    Legend has it that it is a war machine bequeathed by an empire that disappeared. He often wanders through the ruins of now-defunct cities and attacks adventurers. Investigations have discovered that the Guardians and the ruins do not share the same origin, and even thousands of years separate them, so ... why do they stay in the ruins and defend them with all their might? 禄


    As Dainsleif recounts in Chapter I, Act IV, the term "Guardian of the Ruins" is the name currently given to these machines, the original being "Labrador" and, in turn, the code name by their creators. They were the weapons used by Khaenri'ah, where they originated.

    Barbara says that there was an incident called "The fury of the tyrant." When someone approached the ancient Decarabian tower in former Mondstadt (now Stormterror's Lair), "fireballs" rained down, which was for a time believed to be the fury of the former Archon Anemo, Decarabian. However, as the year passed, the attacks were less frequent until they disappeared.

    Dainsleif and the Traveler agree that these attacks were due to the prototype of the "Labradors" that stopped in Mondstadt when Khaenri'ah fell; came to the lair of Boreas in the Kingdom of the Wolves, and according to him, although he was much stronger than many Vision users, he was not comparable to the power of a god, so the Labrador withdrew from combat and ended up in the old Mondstadt (now Stormterror's Lair), its missiles being the "fireballs" to scare off intruders until, finally, they are deactivated. The Emissary of the Abyss was looking for it by his Eye, but the Traveler, Paimon and Dainsleif find it before and the latter decides to keep it.

    Currently, the Guardians have been dispersing around Teyvat for the last 500 years, so they are everywhere.


    The location of the Ruins Guardian can be obtained on the map by using the Adventurer's Manual.


  • Chaos Device
  • Nvl Chaos Device 1
  • Chaos Circuit
  • Circuit of chaos Nvl 40+
  • Chaos Cauldron
  • Caldera of Chaos Nvl 60+

    Skills and attacks

    • Applaud: They lean forward and then use their hands to clap powerfully to crush you.
    • Trample: They strike with one of their feet to crush you to the ground.
    • Spinning Attack: They start to twist the upper half of the body and then follow you to hit you with their flailing arms. This attack lasts for about 7 seconds and deals a lot of damage. It does not have a blind spot, but it can be avoided if one manages to climb onto the body of the Guardian of Ruins.
    • Hit and Jump Combo: They strike twice before leaping into the air and landing at your location in a small AoE.
    • Bombing: They first point a cross at you before kneeling and twisting their upper half, exposing their back, then they fire a swarm of homing missiles (6 each). These missiles do medium damage but can remove around 50% of your health if they all managed to find their target, they have a somewhat slow speed so with the right time and decent distance you can dodge most if not all .

    Base resistance

    • Elemental: 10%.
    • Physical: 70%.
    • Other: None.


    The weak points of the Guardians of the Ruins they are your head and the energy core in your back. Try to attack them at those points.

    • Try using an archer to hit your weak point (glowing core) into the enemy's head section, temporarily leaving them reeling. If a second hit to the core while staggered is successful, the Ruin Guardian will be temporarily disabled, allowing you a window of opportunity to unleash your best damaging combos without interruption.
    • When preparing the Bombarding Missiles, a shot charged to the weak point in the Ruins Guardian's back will prevent them from firing.
    • Using Amber's elemental ability, Explosive Puppet, to taunt the Ruins Guardian will help distract them as you hit the weak point.


    • The bigger ...: Paralyze a Ruins Guardian by hitting its weak point.

    Change history

    1.0 version Guardian of the Ruins was added to the game.
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