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    Ludwig Goth or simply Goth, is a non-playable character in the city of Mondstadt. During the day, he can be found next to a bench in the small park south of the Favonious Knights Headquarters (06: 00-18: 59). Goth is the owner and manager of the Grand Goth Hotel, the Sunrise Breeze Inn and owner of a few other homes in the city.

    The Goth family has a long and proud heritage of serving the people of Mondstadt. And they have been involved in the hotel and catering industry, serving business and personal guests.

    He has a son named Marvin. And he objects to his engagement to Marla, causing Marvin to sneak out to the Starry Cliff at night to spend time with her.


    Image Purpose Price Quantity
    Dry wood sign 25 000 1
    Single simple tent 50 000 1
    Anti-lightning tent 50 000 1
    Adventurer's Camp 50 000 1


    • Go traveling...
    • Finally, a break.
    • Ah, being young ... (during the Flower Festival)
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