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    The banners / flags are the possible offers or wishes that can be requested in the Gachapon, at the beginning when the Gachapon is unlocked, you will find a minimum of 2 Banners:

    • The Gachapon recommended for beginners.
    • The Permanent Banners.

    Later, as there are events, or new characters come out, they usually take out another type of banner:

    • Promotional Banners.

    But of course, no wish can be free, to unlock or make wishes you will need Intertwined Fate or Fate Encounter, you can order 1 by 1 or 10 by 10, and it will depend on the type of banner if you use Interlaced Fate or Fate Encounter.

    Intertwined Fate and Fate Encounter can be purchased in the store (Paimon Bargains), and other very varied / different forms, see Intertwined Fate and Fate Encounter for more information.


    • 1 Obtaining
    • 2 Possibilities
      • 2.1 Guaranteed 4 Stars
      • 2.2 Guaranteed 5 Stars
    • 3 Banners
      • 3.1 Promotional
        • 3.1.1 Characters
        • 3.1.2 Weapons
      • 3.2 Permanent


    The Gachapon option is unlocked alongside the Shop Menu option, talking to Jean after defeating Stormterror when she appears in Mondstadt (city).


    What you will always get a minimum in Weapons is 3 stars and in the case of Characters a minimum of 4 stars (since there are no characters with fewer stars).

    In the Gachapon it is possible to get:

    • 4 and 5 Star Characters.
    • Weapons of 3, 4 and 5 Stars.
    Arma Character
    â € 94,4%
    â € â € 5% 5%
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 0,6% 0,6%

    These percentages are not precise, since they are constantly changing, to obtain exact percentages, click on the "Details" of the Banner.

    Guaranteed 4 Stars

    A 4-Star character or weapon is guaranteed for every 10 Wishes. If a 10 or 4 star weapon or character is obtained during these 5 wishes, the counter is reset.

    Guaranteed 5 Stars

    A 5 Star character or weapon is guaranteed for every 90 Wishes. If a 90-star weapon or character is obtained during these 5 wishes, the counter is reset. From shot 75, the probability of obtaining a 5-star weapon or character increases, according to unofficial calculations, by 32%.




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