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    Fundraiser Pyro

    Who I am
    Judit Llordes
    Author and references

    A fool's secret agent.
    The debts collected by Fatui Collectors are not limited solely to those related to property and money.
    The "eye for an eye", tooth for a tooth "is also a way of collecting debts. If someone damages the interests of the Fatui, the Collectors will make sure that they pay dearly»

    ~ In-game description of the Adventurer's Manual

    The Pyro Collector is an enemy that is part of the Fatui.

    The agents operate on their own and are not seen accompanied by other Fatui fighters.

    Although they are capable of unleashing powerful elemental attacks from Pyro, Agents are not capable of generating an elemental shield, unlike other Fatui members. However, they can turn invisible to bypass their target and perform backstabs or spinning knife throws.

    Fatui Collectors have an inherent resistance to Pyro elemental damage of 50%, but a resistance to physical damage of -20% (compared to 10% resistance to base damage from other enemies and damage types).


    • 1 Location
    • 2 Rewards
    • 3 Skills and attacks
    • 4 Strategy
    • 5 Achievements
    • 6 Change history


    The location of the Fatui Collectors can be obtained on the map by using the Adventurer's Handbook.


  • Hunting dagger
  • Hunting Dagger Lv 1
  • Agent's Dagger
  • Agent Dagger Lv 40+
  • Inspector's Long Dagger
  • Inspector's Long Dagger Lvl 60+
  • Recruit's Badge
  • Insignia of the recruit Nvl 1
  • Sergeant's Badge
  • Insignia of silver Nvl 40+
  • Officer Badge
  • Officer Badge Lvl 60+

    Skills and attacks

    • Invisibility- Pyro Agents can become invisible within seconds of being attacked by the player, but their silhouette is still slightly visible if you look closely.
    • Tajo- At melee range, Pyro agents can slash or stab their target with a quick knife strike, dealing massive amounts of physical damage.
    • Rotating Knife Guard- Pyro agents can create 3 pyro knives that spin rapidly in a wide circle around them, dealing Pyro damage to players hit by them.
    • Race Attack- While invisible and out of melee range, Pyro agents can make a quick dash towards the player and slash them, dealing heavy damage.
    • Knife Throw- While out of melee range, Pyro agents can throw a knife at the player to deal moderate damage.
    • Pyro Clone Charge- Pyro Agents create a clone of themselves with each attack. Once all six clones are on the field, the clones will surround the player before charging at them in sequence, with Agent Pyro landing a finishing blow from above.


    • Players can apply an elemental state to the Agent to outline his character model even if he becomes invisible. For example, Lisa's Charged Attack (Lightning Touch) or Elemental Ability (Violet Bow) would cause a purple electrical number to appear on the Agent, and Tartaglia's Flow Blockage would also appear on the Agent, even when invisible. If Barbara's elemental ability (Let the concert begin ♪) wets the agent, then the agent will have a blue outline even when she is also invisible.
    • Using large AoE attacks (such as Noelle's Charged Attack or Elemental Blast) will increase the chance of damaging Agent Pyro regardless. Consequently, the damage number will appear above the Agent, clarifying its location.
    • Autotocors like archers, some casters, and elemental abilities like Guoba from Xiangling and Oz from Fischl will not be able to hit an invisible Pyro Agent unless they have recently been hit by a non-automatic targeted attack.
    • He can be temporarily stunned if one finds his location while invisible, preventing him from wandering away. This allows you to deal significant damage to it.
    • The Spinning Knife Guard has a minimal range - as long as the player gets too close to the Pyro Collector so that the character is not in the circular arc of the knives, the player will be immune to damage from such an attack.


    • When debts separate us: Defeat a Fundraiser Pyro that is in stealth mode.

    Change history

    1.0 version Fundraiser Pyro was added to the game.
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