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    Fried meat

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    La Fried meat It is a dish that the player can prepare. The recipe can be obtained by opening a chest at the top of Tianheng Mountain, although it can also be purchased directly from Sharp Chen or Mr. Zhu for Blackberry × 900 (maximum 10 times per day).

    When Beidou prepares the Fried Meat, he has a chance to create Sauteed Meat Strips instead.


    Like most foods, this dish has no effect on other players in Co-op Mode.

    • Revive a character and restore 50/100/150 pts. of life.


  • Raw meat
  • 1 × Raw meat
  • Jueyun Chile
  • 1 × Jueyun's Chili
  • Fried meat
  • 1 × Fried meat
    • 1 Raw meat
    • 1 Jueyun Chile

    1 fried meat

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