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    Forest boar

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    Aina Martin
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    鈥淥ne of the most active inhabitants of the Teyvat fields.
    A very resistant wild animal that reproduces easily.
    It can adapt to live almost anywhere and its tough and tasty meat is an ingredient in many typical dishes. In addition, there are many legends with wild boars as protagonists throughout Teyvat.
    According to the Musk's observations, some Hilichurls tribes tried to breed them in captivity, probably to train them and try to use them as mounts. 禄

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    The Forest Boar is a type of wild boar. It can be found both as a wildlife and as a pet on the Relaxer. In the wild, the wild boar just roams the pasture. When it detects or detects a nearby player, the boar will scatter, either fleeing or lunging towards the player before vanishing while "fleeing" the map. Charge deals slight damage.

    Outdoor animals may only be placed in outdoor spaces within the housing system.

    In the wild, they can be hunted to obtain Raw meat 脳 2.

    Baby forest boars

    Wild boars drink from the forest can also be found in the wild. Like adult counterparts, they drop Raw meat 脳 2.

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