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    “Starting today, they will honor their oaths to Her Majesty the Tsarina, and will stop at nothing to guarantee Snezhnaya's victory. They will sweep through these lands like the icy northern winds, and like the strong frosts of the Zapolyarny Palace. They will freeze their enemies to the core. His Majesty expects cold blood and thoroughness from you, for the trials we face are tough and our enemies are like ... »

    ~ Tartaglia's incomplete speech to the new group of recruits from Snezhnaya.

    Each filtering bag Fools they are a malicious "delegation" of diplomats from Snezhnaya led by the Tsarina and headed by the Eleven Heralds of the Fatui. They are one of the main antagonistic factions during our first trips

    For Fatui members that appear as enemies in the game, see Enemies.



    «An organization of Snezhnaya that obeys the Empress of Ice.
    The Eleven, his heralds, are dedicated to seeking Gnosis »

    ~ idiots

    «An organization from Snezhaya.
    It has a very advanced technology that can even disassemble and analyze Guardians of the Ruins »

    ~ idiots

    The Fatui are said to be an overwhelming military force in terms of power and numbers, making it the strongest of the seven nations. They are widely feared and despised by all other nations due to their deceptive reputations. The organization is primarily made up of fighters rather than simply bureaucrats, politicians, and businessmen from an organization that proudly calls itself "diplomats."

    Hailing from the frozen lands of Snezhnaya, the Fatui are publicly viewed as a political department of the nation representing the goodwill of the Tsarina and managing foreign affairs with the other six nations, often using economic means and fair trade movements to engage with others first. governments to safely insert their influence within the nation's center of power. Once they have almost total control of the government and the capital, the Fatui cease to be the once friendly and diplomatic organization and begin to use corrupt and violent means to get what they want, imposing abusive taxes and inhumane demands that naturally they will always cost the lives of civilians in the process.

    Despite their public facade of a benevolent group that appears to interact with merchants and politicians with friendly proposals, their notoriety is already too obvious for the Fatui to continue to hide their true colors from the people and are now widely viewed as a threat to all nations. The Fatui are experts in the fields of economics, defense, and politics and will use any modern method to gain total dominance over all the nations of the world to promote the Tsarina's vision of a "perfect world." Despite her loyalty to her empress, many of Fatui's snarls are unaware of the Tsarina's true plans and no one dares question her true motives. The only one so far who comes close to knowing the true purposes of the Tsarina may be the Signora, who is directly in charge of collecting the Gnosis from the other Archons of Teyvat, and most likely from all the other Heralds. The Fatui are divided into divisions and each group is headed by one of the Eleven Heralds of the Fatui, therefore, the groups do not have any contact and relationship with each other once said groups are isolated in different regions of Teyvat to complete their chores.

    While the Fatui are widely reviled and feared by the Teyvat people, in the game, many subordinates are shown to be actually day laborers, all of them belong to staff teams, and are oblivious to the true intentions of their superiors already. They are limited to following his orders, while his army is completely made up of troops that have ruthless and ferocious assassins among their ranks.

    The group appears to run the Bank of the Northern Kingdom, a national bank founded in Snezhnaya, which opened a branch in the port of Liyue and has become Teyvat's favorite bank probably due to its openly illegal activities. As a neutral department, the Fatui often use the bank as a front to cover their operations and are more likely to use the branch as their intelligence center to direct their operations throughout the region.



    The Tsarina is Archon Cryo who serves as the leader of the Fatui, who work for her. Despite that, it is suggested that most of the Fatui follow her out of fear rather than sincere devotion.

    The Eleven Heralds of the Fatui

    See also: The Eleven Heralds of the Fatui.

    Each filtering bag Eleven Heralds, also known as The Eleven of FatuiThey are the highest echelons and the highest-ranking envoys of the Fatui led by Pulcinella, to whom the Tsarina grants absolute executive authority and responds directly to her. They are blessed with powers that surpass those of the average human, but those powers do not appear to derive from Visions. Instead, all Heralds possess a Deception, which is said to be even more powerful than a vision.

    Each Herald leads his own Fatui division.

    Known Heralds
    No. Image Headline Alias Element Cheated State
    1 No pictocaptures available Pierrot Jester Unknown Unknown Assets
    5 No pictocaptures available Pulcinella Cock Unknown Unknown Active
    6 Fools Skirmish Balladeer Electro Unknown Assets
    8 Fools Lady The "Lady" Pyro Cryo Deceased
    11 Fools Tartaglia Noble Hydro Electro Assets
    ? No pictocaptures available Doctor The doctor" Anemo Unknown Assets
    ? No pictocaptures available Pantalone The "Indefinite" Unknown Unknown Assets
    ? No pictocaptures available Sandrone The puppet" Unknown Unknown Unknown
    ? No pictocaptures available Captain Captain" Unknown Unknown Active

    Known Fatui Agents

    And Mondstadt


    En Liyue



    • The Fatui are the inventors and the first to use firearms.
    • The word "Fatui" in Latin means "fools". In Chinese, his name is 愚人 (yúrén), which translates as "stupid person" or "ignorant".
    • When the game's voice acting is switched to English, all Fatui enemies get heavily distorted voices.
    • With the exception of Nobile, the aliases of the Heralds are derived from the common characters of the commedia dell'arte, a type of Italian theater that uses masks to designate the role of its character in the story.
      • "Pulcinella" is an egocentric self-preservationist who manipulates others to get what they want, always on the side of the winner and without fear of anything.
      • "Il Dottore" (The Doctor) is usually extremely rich and bombastic, loving the sound of his own voice. In commedia dell'arte, he usually tries to interfere with the Innamorati (The Lovers). He is also closely linked to Pantalone.
      • "La Signora" is typically tough, beautiful, and calculating; She is also proud and enjoys making fun of others. He normally manipulates Pantalone's wealth for his own purposes.
      • "Pantalone" is greedy and uses his high social position to push others and interfere with their business. Often, he is the father of one of the Innamorati and tries to keep the two lovers apart.
      • "Scaramouche" is usually a variety of different villainous traits, but is primarily unscrupulous and unreliable with a penchant for intrigue, leading to difficult situations.
      • "Nobile" is an archaic English word that refers to the son of a nobleman who has not yet attained knighthood.
        • Her name in the Japanese version, however, fits the naming scheme: "Tartaglia" is usually one of the Innamorati, the lovers who manage to reach a happy ending despite the various obstacles they face. Unlike other characters in these works, the Innamorati do not wear masks.
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