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    Flying daisy

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    Valery Aloyants
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    芦A plant that loves the wind. For the proud children of the wind, or the inhabitants of Mondstadt, the flying daisies are the "visible winds" 禄

    La Flying daisy It is a typical Mondstadt ascension material.


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    • Collect near the Statue of The Seven of Rising.
    • Collect under the trees in nature.
    • Collect in the Stormterror Lair.
    • It is sold by Flora.


    This material can be used for the ascension of the following characters:

  • Bennett
  • Bennett
  • Saccharose
  • Saccharose
  • Viajero
  • Viajero

    銆怗enshin Impact銆慦indwheel Aster Locations - Fast and Efficient - Ascension MaterialsRuta de Farmeo


    • During A New Storm Is Coming, Vind explains that flying daisies cannot grow in places without wind or plagued by strong storms, only where the wind is gentle and nourishing. Therefore, they can be used to determine how strong the wind was in an area based on how well they grow there.
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