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    Family letter

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    芦The paper has already yellowed and is so fragile that it seems that it will tear at the slightest touch. 禄

    La Family letter It is a quest item found on the island west of Camp Kujou.


    Dear father:

    It had been a long time since I wrote, how is everything
    at home? In your previous letter you mentioned that the bitch
    had given birth to a litter, but was very busy and not
    I was able to answer before. The puppies must already have
    grown a bit, right? I'm glad to read what you want
    give one to Kenji's parents. He and I regret
    deeply unable to take care of you since
    we enlisted in the army. For us it is a great
    I am relieved to know that you and Kenji's parents are
    caring for each other.
    Father, you don't have to worry about my life in the
    army. They give us more than enough food, and our
    Rooms are large and clean. I dont need
    nothing more. I even made a new friend here, it's called
    Matsudaira. If the opportunity arises, I would like to take it
    to visit our home to taste the food of
    Oh, one more thing, an issue that will surely fill you
    of pride. Thanks to my brave efforts in the field
    battle, my superior promoted me to the rank of hatamoto.
    Kenji got promoted too, but let it be him
    who tells their parents.
    Father, I've always thought that when the
    war, Kenji and I will return to the village with honors and
    everything will be different. My pay and my supplies will be more
    than enough to build a new house and buy
    a boat. You and mother won't have to go fishing
    every day and we can enjoy a life of abundance.
    I will keep pushing myself and achieve even more honors for
    make that happen!
    Don't worry, and wait for my return.

    Firmado: Masanori

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