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    La Elemental Mastery It is an attribute that increases the power of the Elemental Reactions created by your character. These reactions are Vaporization, Melt, Overcharge, Superconducting, Electrocharged, Burn, Ice breaker, Whirlwind and Crystallization. The strength of the reaction is scaled based on the Elemental Mastery of the character applying the last element.

    Damage from transforming reactions (Surge, Superconducting, Electrocharged, Icebreaker, and Whirlwind) are additional instances of damage and scale with Elemental Mastery and character level only.

    The damage multiplier gained from Elemental Mastery for amplification reactions (Vaporization and Melt) is approximately half the multiplier for the previous reactions.

    • Melt is x2 if activated with Pyro, x1.5 with Cryo.
    • Vaporization is x2 if activated with Hydro, x1.5 with Pyro.

    The damage is then multiplied by the effect of Elemental Mastery.

    The bonus to Crystallization makes the resulting elemental shield more powerful.

    Elemental Mastery can be increased by equipping artifacts or weapons that grant an Elemental Mastery bonus. Additionally, some characters, like Lisa, gain Elemental Mastery by increasing their character's level. Other characters, such as Sucrose, can increase their party's Elemental Mastery by activating their ascension passives.


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    • 2 Ascension of characters
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    Elemental Mastery Formula

    The higher a character's elemental mastery, the stronger the elemental reactions that the character can unleash. The is calculated according to the reaction:

    • Increase Vaporization and Melt damage by X%.
    • Increases the damage of Overcharge, Superconducting, Electrocharged, Icebreaker, and Whirlwind by Y%.
    • Increases the damage absorption of shields created by Crystallization by Z%.
    • Where X%, Y% y Z% end: [1][2]

    These values are used in damage or shield health calculations as:

    The relative differences of the base-level damage caused by Superconductor, Whirlwind, Electrocharged, Ice breaker, and Overload are approximately 1: 1.2: 2.4: 3: 4 respectively (all other factors are equal). [3]

    Character ascension

    4 characters have Elemental Mastery as an ascension stat:

    Character Elemental Mastery (Lv.90)

    Kaedehara kazuha




    Beginning with Ascension 2, 5-star characters gain 29 Elemental Mastery per Ascension, while 4-star characters gain 24 Elemental Mastery per Ascension.


    2 Artifact Sets match category selection:

    Set Rarity Bond

    4-5⭐ 2 pieces: Elemental Mastery +80
    4 pieces: After activating an Elemental Reaction, increase the Elemental Mastery of all team members by 120 pts. for 8 s.

    Wanderer's Orchestra
    4-5⭐ 2 pieces: Elemental Mastery +80
    4 pieces: Increases Charged ATK damage by 35% if character uses catalyst or bow.


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    2. ↑ KeqingMains Transformative Reactions
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