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    “Electrograns symbolize the grace and protection of Inazuma's land and possess various abilities. »

    Each filtering bag Electrogranos is a kind of elemental particle Electro that can be invoked by means of roots sticking out of the ground. They follow the player for a period of time and can be upgraded by leveling up the Sacred Cherry Tree.

    Each filtering bag Electrogranos various things can be used:

    • Pass through electrified barriers.
    • Fly through the globular Rays.
    • Complete the puzzles with the Lightning Probe.
    • Avoid Excess Electro energy.
    • Use the Kamuijima Cannon.


    Strange Barrier / Electrified Barrier

    See also: Electrified barrier. (In construction)

    For unknown reasons, if you get the recognition of the electrograns and carry them with you, you will be able to pass through the barriers without any impediment.

    Globular ray

    See also: Globular ray. (In construction)

    Those characters who possess the Electro power or who receive the protection of Inazuma can use them to move at lightning speed. If the characters who are near a globular ray carry electrogranthey are just affected by Electro, they will be able to move at high speed towards it.

    Lightning Probe

    See also: Lightning probe. (In construction)

    If there is a character near him affected by Electro or some monster, its hand will point in the direction of them. When your base points in the right direction, maybe something good will happen.

    Electro energy excess

    See also: Electro energy excess.


    Kamuijima canyon

    See also: Kamuijima canyon.



    Level Icon Name Sacred Cherry Level Ability
    1 64x64px Electrograin 1 By getting an electrograin, you will get its blessing until it disappears:
    • Characters will be able to pass through the basic electified barriers.
    • If the character in use is not affected by Electro, you will be able to interact with globular rays and other objects.
    • Electrograns can help characters unlock 6 times the damage of some dangerous ones in Inazuma's environment, such as Thunder Rocks and Electric Zones.
    • Electrograns last 15 seconds.
    2 64x64px Eternal stream 3 The elemental type of the character in use is Electro and its Elemental Energy is less than or equal to 50%, the electrogran will gradually regenerate its energy.
    3 64x64px Continuation I 7 Electrogran duration increased to 20 seconds.
    4 64x64px Coordinated Attack: Lightning 10 If the elemental type of character in use is Electro, attacks that deal damage will cause the Electrograins to unleash a coordinated attack that deals Electro Damage enemies. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds
    5 64x64px Denial II 13 By carrying an electrograin with you, you can block up to a maximum of 8 times damage from some hazards in Inazuma's environment.
    6 64x64px Barrier Breakers II 17 Characters with electrograons can pass through intermediate electrified barriers.
    7 64x64px Coordinated Attack: Cyclone 20 The ToE of the coordinated attack of the Electrogans is reduced to 4 seconds.
    8 64x64px Continuation II 23 Electrogran duration increased to 25 seconds
    9 64x64px Coordinated Attack: Tempest 27 Increases the damage dealt by Electrogran's coordinated attack by 20% for each team member whose elemental type is Electro.
    10 64x64px Coordinated Attack: Fall 30 For every 3 coordinated attacks, Electrograns will cause the next coordinated attack to transform into an electrical storm that deals Electro Damage in the AoE against nearby enemies.
    11 64x64px Denial III 33 By carrying an electrograin with you, you can block up to a maximum of 10 times the damage of some dangers in Inazuma's environment.
    12 64x64px Barrier Breaker III 37 Characters with electrograons can pass through advanced electrified barriers
    13 64x64px Coordinated Attack: Echoing Storm 40 Increases the damage dealt by downward beam from Electrograns by 30% for each team member whose elemental type is Electro.
    14 64x64px Continuation III 43 Electrogran duration increased to 30 seconds.
    15 64x64px Coordinated Attack: Storm Triggers 47 The number of coordinated attacks for the electrograns to generate an electrical storm decreases to 2.
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