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    Echo narrator / Reminiscences

    Echo narrator / Reminiscences

    HR Reminiscences is an Echo Storyteller event menu in which we can read and listen to the stories of all the Resonant Shells that we have collected. In total there are 32 Resonant Shells.


    I - Ballad of the Far Home (5/5)

    "Five mountains a hill guard"

    "Today, ten years ago our ship was wrecked and we were trapped on this island without being able to leave." "My granddaughter, today is a very important day, so I prepared a gift for you. It is something that comes from our native home. Keep it well and don't lose it. And don't forget the nursery rhyme that I taught you." "Five mountains a village protect ...".

    "Two roads cut through the lonely forest"

    "Just in case, I give you the family heirloom." "My mother's grandmother said that this relic came from a town very, very far away. My mother does not remember very well, since, when she was little, she got on a boat and left the town behind. Perhaps this nursery rhyme preserves the I remember that town. " "Two roads go through the lonely forest ...".

    "A stream flows through the middle"

    "Time flew by and, in the blink of an eye, I too grew old ... My dear granddaughter, come with your grandmother. Oh! You weigh a lot. You are already a big girl." "What do you think this is? Haha, it's a family heirloom. It passed from hand to hand between your grandmother's ancestors until you got here. Now your grandmother is giving it to you. Take it, and don't forget this nursery rhyme ... ". A stream flows through the middle ...

    "Four winds bring the sound of joy"

    "Oh! Grandma gave me a gift, did you see it? This is it. Grandma says it's a relic that came from abroad and our ancestors brought it to the island." "By the way, he also taught me to sing a nursery rhyme. Let me remember, it was like this ...". "Four winds bring the sound of joy ...".


    "In recent years, the tide has risen more than before. If you go higher, we have little chance of surviving ...". "The only thing we can do is store our belongings and move to a higher place." "Mother!" "What's wrong?" - "The water level just rose, so I made the family retreat to a higher place, but the family heirloom ... Sorry, I had to choose between it and the safety of the family, so ... I couldn't bring her with me. " "The family heirloom lies in the center of the island. If the tide goes out again, or if someone from outside manages to get in, they can go looking for it."

    II - Foreign Ship (2/2)

    "Caught up"

    "Oh, I found it! The other half of the ship is here! Oh, with all that we spent arguing with the officers, and now we have lost the treasure that we had so hard to get, and even the ship ... When the chief Janome finds out, she's going to be really mad! " "There is only this samurai puppet left. Neither he nor we can get out of here on our own."


    "Oh no! The ship! Ako Domeki's pride! I can't believe it ... He just handed it over to us and now we're stuck on this island in the middle of nowhere. And we've lost all our treasures! Is this our punishment? It must be! Why did we have to steal that damn samurai puppet? Why? ... ". "Shut up! We're going to repair Captain Ako's ship, do you hear me? Whatever it takes!"

    III - A father with bad luck (3/3)

    "Unexpected appearance"

    "Hilichurls ?! What are you doing here? What ...? Let go of me! Help! Help ...!"

    "Paternal thoughts"

    "No ... Dongdong is still waiting for my return * Sigh *. Dongdong, Dad misses you. Do you eat your vegetables and sleep early? I hope you're a good boy ...".

    "Mysterious Rescuer"

    "Huh? Looks like someone came to rescue me ... Ah! Thank you, thank you for rescuing me!"

    IV - My "hero" (3/3)

    "The general"

    "But the general is a good person, he protected us!" "I told you it was dangerous. Where are you going?"

    "The flower of silence"

    "Adults say that you come from far away and that you dress like a general ... Can you talk to me? If you can't ... Can you at least accept this flower?"


    "Mom says you're not one of us, but you protected us! Right, general? Oh ... I forgot you don't speak to me." "Mom says your home is far from here, just like ours. So far away that none of us remember where it is. General, don't you miss home?"

    V - Crucial Route (5/5)

    "The attempt of the experts"

    "Today we tried to sail in a fixed direction, but for some reason, the boat returned to the starting point. We do not know why ...". "I told you, we have been here for years and we have tried by all means." "As if you islanders know what to do. We are the pirates of Inazuma, feared on all seas! Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from our experience." "The same experience that led you to shipwreck?" "... Hmm!"

    "A way out in the fog"

    "Listen carefully! The fog here seems to come and go in a regular pattern! From morning to night, it gradually changes distribution, becoming thin in some places and thick in others. If my guess is correct, the key to get out of these islands it's in that fog. All we have to do is find it, and we can get everyone out of here! " "Really? Take me to the sea to see!"

    "The moon and the wind"

    "If we continue in this direction ... following the waves ... Yes, now we just need a strong gust of wind." "At this time of year, when the moon appears in the sky, the direction of the wind changes in a particular way." "Really? Are you sure?" "Yes, I know the sea winds in this region like the back of my hand!"

    "Reef and Mirages"

    "What happens to that rock?" "Look closely, they are just visions in the fog." "I see ... A mirage?" "Mirage...?".

    "Journey to freedom"

    "It's just like you said, the fog lifted!" "Now we just have to sail upwind and we'll be home soon!"

    VI - It looks familiar to me ... (4/4)

    "The Archon's Hand"

    albedo: "This island is a huge piece of the Mondstadt mountain. A great force displaced it from the mountain range and threw it into the sea. As it fell, it turned and fell headlong. This is why the current geography of the place is due." .

    albedo: "It's fascinating. Without a doubt, it's another Barbatos masterpiece, Archon Anemo."

    "Past times"

    kaeya: "Diluc, you are a man of convictions. You decide, do we hunt seabirds or collect shells?".

    Dilute: "... What are you talking about?".

    kaeya: "Come on Diluc, don't be like that! Do you really prefer to just stand there and do nothing? We could find a way to pass the time. I thought collecting shells would be fun. Now that I remember, when we were little we used to do it" .

    Dilute: "I'm surprised you still remember ... Hmm!"

    "Fish, turtles and innocence"

    Klee: "The fish here must be delicious! I want to try it ...".

    Barbara: "Okay, let's catch some fish together! But quiet, okay? We shouldn't let my sister find out."

    Klee: "Really? Do you like fish too?"

    Barbara: "Haha, to tell the truth I enjoy catching them more than eating them. As a child, my sister and I used to go fishing ... Maybe now she looks very serious, but as a child she was a lot of fun. I even had a pet turtle! Can you believe it?".

    "The Wolf's Dilemma"

    Razor: "Components ... strange."

    Razor: "My guts ... Hunger ... I want fish ...".

    Razor: "To the left, water ... To the right ... more water."

    VII - Memories of the island (10/10)

    Ancient wisdom

    "Let's put a net here. When the tide goes out, the fish will be trapped." "Wow! Great!" "Haha, where I come from, the ancestors know even more things."

    "Imminent tide"

    "Eh? Did you hear that? That sound means the tide will come in any minute! Let's go up to the top of the mountain! Here, climb this vine!"

    "Without escape"

    "What? Are you saying they've been trapped on this island ... for generations ?!" "Trapped or not, it is the only way of life we ​​know of. We cannot leave this place ...". "By The Seven! So we're trapped here too?"

    "Out there"

    "No, don't listen to me. The world out there is huge! Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma ... In comparison, this island is just a grain of sand!" "Lillue ...? What is that?" "* Sigh *, forget it. I better wait for my death and eat wild fruits."

    "Ruins upside down"

    "These ruins are really fascinating, but ... why are they upside down?" "I don't know. These ruins already existed even before our ancestors. They have always been there ... We transport the rocks to each island to use as construction material."

    "The price of the attempt"

    "We cannot let the vastness of the sea scare us! We have to try!" "You think we haven't tried? We can't lose anyone else!"

    "Nobody comes back"

    "I have seen with my own eyes many people disappear behind the fog. Of all of them ... none have returned. So please don't risk your lives."

    "Persuasion and exit"

    "Grandpa, everyone else has decided to leave. You are the only one left. Please, Grandpa, trust me, just this once. I found my way out, really." "* Sighs * ... Okay. I'll listen to you just this once. We put everything in your hands."

    "Watcher of the Tide"

    "Hey! You can't fall asleep in a place like this! You can catch a cold. Come on, I'll take your place. How's the sea?" "Huh? I must have fell asleep! Ouch! Take it easy, there's no sign of the tide going to rise."

    "Tide alarm"

    "Quick! Sound the alarm! The tide is rising!"

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