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    This article is about the character. For the Reminiscence Domain boss, see Enter Stormterror's Lair.

    Dvalin, also known as Storm terror, is a dragon that resides in the Mondstadt region with powerful Anemo powers. He is possibly the oldest member of the Four Winds, and also the best friend of Archon Anemo, Barbatos.

    His lair is in the upper west of Mondstadt.

    It is a weekly boss that can be faced in the Lair of Stormterror by completing the mission For the Indigo Shadow of the Archon Mission Prologue: Act III Song of the Dragon and Freedom



    Once the eastern protector of the Four Winds, he was cast out of his role once he grew weary of protecting the city he once loved. Falsely believing that not only the city turned its back on him, but also that his freedom was taken away by continuing to participate in that role.


    Dvalin has a massive build and is one of the greatest beings on Teyvat so far. Its entire body is colored a shade of blue, with its main body a lighter bluish blue, while its claws and horns are a darker midnight blue.

    Dvalin also emits light from different areas of his body, in particular his eyes that appear to have a blue flame effect, and the scales on his wings that emit a water glow. It has a total of 6 large wings on its body (3 on each side) that allow it to fly. Behind those wings is its huge tail, which resembles a bird's plumage. It has 2 horns on its head that resemble those of a goat, with a blue gradient that gradually fades to black. Its front beak is incredibly sharp and it has very sharp teeth, albeit in a small amount. There are 4 sets of nails in each of the 4 claws, being very long and sharp with a gradient.

    Before Dvalin is defeated by the player, he has 2 sharp purple spikes on his back. These spikes are actually corrupted blood clots from Dvalin's previous battle against the black dragon Durin on Dragonwing Mountain.


    Stormterror distrusts humans as he feels betrayed by them. Usually he tries to avoid human contact, but when confronted, he shows his anger and pain.

    However, after Dvalin is rescued by the Traveler and company, a friendlier side appears once Venti assures the dragon that there is no danger of being attacked in any way. Dvalin initially felt confused about what freedom really was, but after Venti's explanation he felt connected and whole again before flying off into the unknown.

    Digging into his story, it is revealed that Dvalin truly wanted to be understood and loved by humans for who he is and what he does to protect. He had a deep-rooted connection to Mondstadt, and he fought foreign enemies with all his might.


    Dvalin is first encountered when the Traveler and Paimon are observing a bard who appears to be conversing with the dragon in a forest (which Paimon later reveals that it is rare for humans to interact with dragons), hiding behind undergrowth. . However, the bystanders make some noise and scare Dvalin and the bard. Having been exposed, the Traveler rushes out into the open as Dvalin takes off and the bard disappears shortly after.

    Later, when the Traveler and Amber arrive in Mondstadt, a windstorm suddenly occurs, caused by Dvalin, terrorizing the city. The Traveler is caught by the strong winds and thrown into the sky where a confrontation with the dragon occurs. After being defeated by the Traveler, Dvalin, known at the time as Stormterror, flies into the unknown.

    Investigating the anomaly, it turns out that the Order of the Abyss attempted to seize the opportunity to manipulate Dvalin into a war entity. However, the Traveler along with the bard Venti, Diluc and Jean managed to confront and subdue him. Dvalin was eventually saved, regaining his sanity and rescuing the heroes from the structural collapse of their lair.

    After returning the Traveler and the others to the city of Mondstandt, Dvalin is seen to be flying alone after he is assured that no one is behind his life.


    Born in Gaotian, Dvalin was a very curious dragon. He frequently landed and observed humans, but did not understand their emotions or reactions. One day, attracted by the music of Himmel's Holy Lyre, he decided to stay by Archon Anemo's side because he too wanted to be understood by all souls. He learned human speech and singing techniques from the Archon.

    About 500 years ago, while the earth was in chaos, Durin, a serpentine black dragon, rose from the sea to cast his shadow over Mondstadt. The prayers of the people of Mondstadt awakened Archon Anemo, and his will summoned the Wind Dragon Dvalin. As the last line of defense for Mondstadt, Dvalin fought the evil dragon to the death in raging storms. He prevailed. He opened the throat of the evil dragon, at the cost of ingesting its poisonous blood. Dvalin protected Mondstadt with his life and his only wish was to be understood by humans. Then he fell into an eternal sleep.

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