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    Doctor, also know as "He Dottore"He is one of the Eleven Heralds of the Fatui. He first appears in the manga, set some time before the game's history, as a diplomat in Mondstadt.


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    芦He loves to play with old things, it is a ... personal passion of hers. So, he turned these old ruins into a Guardians research laboratory ... I can only imagine that he has grown bored of playing with them and has lost interest in this place. 禄

    ~ Tartaglia, about Dottore and his research lab in Liyue


    Dottore is a grown man with red eyes; pale skin; and short curly blue hair. She usually wears a black and white mask that covers her entire face except for her right cheek and half of her mouth. The symbol of the Fatui can be seen in the upper left corner of this mask. Dottore also wears a bright blue earring on his right ear.

    Dottore wears a long white coat over a white dress shirt and a pink bow tie. Beneath this, he wears a striped vest and dark pants.


    Dottore is ruthless and has little regard for human life. In his first appearance, he threatens Krupp with being an experimental subject for his repeated failure to obtain results, and then fulfills that promise after he is engaged by Diluc during a banquet. Nor is he interested in the deaths of two Fatui diplomats during the Black Fire incident, leaving Barnabas to solve the problem for him.

    Dottore is dismissive of Vision bearers, describing them as "self-inflated fools." He appears to be interested in the Order of the Abyss and frequently experiments with the Guardians of the Ruins, even ending up turning his former subordinate Krupp into a machine similar to one of these machines in the manga.


    Some time before the events of the manga, Dottore alone defeated Ursa the Drake and caused Mondstadt to go into debt with the Fatui.

    He may also have participated in Ursa's attack on Crepus and Diluc's caravan on his 18th birthday, which resulted in the death of Crepus and Diluc's departure from the Knights of Favonius. It is suspected that Inspector Eroch, who handled the incident and later turned out to be a traitor to the Knights of Favonius, may have been working with the Fatui.


    Dottore first appears in Haeresys, an underground arena of the Fatui where Krupp is putting his test subjects into fights against an unknown enemy. After his 139th subject dies, Dottore calls his work "pathetic as usual" and threatens to make Krupp one of his test subjects. Krupp, desperate to avoid that fate, turns his attention to Mondstadt's invitation to attend the Ludi Harpastum.

    The two arrive at the Vineyard of Dawn where Diluc and other prestigious members of Mondstadt high society have met. Dottore leaves most of the talk to Krupp, speaking only to express his disdain for the people of Mondstadt. He leaves after Diluc delays negotiations, but returns to silence Krupp when the "Hero of the Black Night" (a Disguised Diluc) is about to question him. Perplexed by the boy's abilities, Dottore leaves and tells him to get stronger.

    He is no longer interested in Mondstadt, he says goodbye and leaves the negotiations. However, he does recover Krupp's corpse to transform it into a Ruin Guardian-like monster. After returning to Snezhnaya, he learns of the Black Fire incident, instigated by Collei, which resulted in the deaths of two Fatui diplomats. However, he is completely uninterested in the matter and leaves it to his subordinate Barnabas.

    He reappears in Chapter 16, where he expresses his disgust that the guards were incompetent enough to let the captured "Dark Night Hero" escape, while Barnabas was seriously injured in the wake of his attack on Collei and Amber.

    In the game

    During the Legendary Mission, Monoceros Caeli, Teucer, Tartaglia's little brother, wants to see the "Toy Research Institute", which is actually one of Dottore's research facilities in Liyue, developed to investigate the creatures of the Abyss. . As a by-product, he ended up creating a large number of Guardians of the Ruins, which the naive young Teucer saw as huge "Mr. Cyclops" toys.

    Dottore, seemingly bored with the facility, left the autonomous factory and left the area without closing it. This resulted in the fabricated Ruin Guardians spreading into the surrounding area, attracting the attention of the Geo-Navy.


    • Like the other Heralds, Dottore's alias is derived from a common character in the commedia dell'arte. "Il Dottore" (The Doctor) is usually extremely rich and bombastic, loving the sound of his own voice. In commedia dell'arte, he usually tries to interfere with the Innamorati (The Lovers). He is also closely linked to Pantalone.
    • The Chinese version of the manga misspelled "Dottore" as "Dotorre", a mistake that carried over to earlier chapters of the English translation. The English version rectified this error in later chapters.
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