Dihua Swamp

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Not only do the sifting of silver grass and the croaking of frogs come together here, but it was also the last resting place for many wandering knights. »

~ Swamp of the Whispering Reeds

«An alluvial plain formed by the flow of the Bishui River.
The falls, located in the northwest, are famous among travelers.
Aquatic plants and natural resources abound in this fertile land near Mount Chingtsé. »

~ Exploration

Dihua Swamp (Chinese: 荻花 洲 Díhuā Zhōu) is an area in the Bishui Plain, Liyue. It is south of the Stone Gate and north of the Wangshu Inn. Sal Terrae is to the east.

There is a Statue of The Seven located at the north end of the Dihua Swamp, along the main road.


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Notable features

  • Geo Monuments
  • Breakable rock formations
  • Antorchas Pyro


  • Horse tail
  • Horse tail
  • Lotus head
  • Lotus head
  • Sweet flower
  • Sweet flower


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    MengmengHui.pngHuiChiaoxi.pngChiaoxiYu.pngYuComerciante.pngComercianteHulu.pngHuluZhuang el Fuerte.pngZhuang el Fuerte


    Image Enemigo
    Hilichurl Warrior
    Hilichurl with Wooden Shield
    48px Hilichurl Berserker
    48px Hilichurl Grenade Launcher
    48px Hilichurl Crossbow Electro
    48px Hilichurl Ballestero Cryo
    Samachurl Hydro
    Baby Dragarto Geo
    Slime Hydro
    Slime Cryo
    Slime Gigante Cryo
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