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    Dandelion seed

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    Aina Prat
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    芦A seed that flies with the wind. Although it does not have wings to fly far, it has the hope of being able to be displaced by the wind to some remote place. In a sense, dandelions represent a free and carefree spirit. In the realm of the wind and dandelions, they are used to make wine and some scholars believe that this dandelion wine has powerful symbolism. 禄

    La Dandelion seed it is a material of ascension.


    Dandelion Seeds are a local specialty item that can be harvested from dandelion plants. Dandelion plants are found within the Mondstadt region and especially near the entrance gates of Mondstadt. Dandelion seeds are dropped after using an Anemo attack on a dandelion plant.

    • Collect in nature.
    • Collect at the gates of Mondstadt.
    • They can be collected on some islands of the Golden Manzana Archipelago.

    Use for ascension

    This material can be used for the ascension of the following characters:

  • Eula
  • Eula
  • Jean
  • Jean

    Use for creation

    This material can be used to create the following objects:

    Purpose Type Quantity
    Blizzard essential oil elaboration 1
    Windbreak Potion elaboration 1
    Anemoculus Resonance Rock elaboration 5
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