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    Dadaupa Valley

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    Pau Monfort
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    鈥淗undreds of years have passed and the world is at peace again. This forest of swords is a testament to the song of swords colliding with each other, the battle hymns of warriors, the thunderous footsteps of monsters, and the blood-red sky. 禄

    ~ Graveyard of Nameless Swords

    El Dadaupa Valley It is home to three major Hilichurl tribes: the Cannibal Tribe, the Sleeping Tribe, and the Eclipse Tribe.

    Another important place is the Graveyard of Swords, which witnessed the battle against the monsters of Khaenri'ah. Also, this valley is a sacred place for the hilichurls from all over the continent, where the strongest have their pilgrimage there.


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    • 2 Notable features
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    'A mountain located near Mondstadt and inhabited by a number of hilichurls. This place known to be dangerous, with some Mitachurls and Samachurls sighted occasionally. 禄

    ~ Exploration

    Notable features


    • Emergency

    World mission

    • Break the Seal of the Graveyard of Swords
    • Mountainous summons

    Legendary mission

    • Trapped in a windless land (Venti's Story)


    Abyss SpiralTemple of the Lioness


    • Combative Tendencies


  • Hilichurl
  • Hilichurl
  • Hilichurl Warrior
  • Hilichurl Warrior
  • Hilichurl Crossbowman
  • Hilichurl Crossbowman
  • Hilichurl with Wooden Shield
  • Hilichurl with Wooden Shield
  • Hilichurl Berserker
  • Hilichurl Berserker
  • Hilichurl Grenade Launcher
  • Hilichurl Grenade Launcher
  • Hilichurl Ballestero Pyro
  • Hilichurl Ballestero Pyro
  • Hilichurl Ballestero Cryo
  • Hilichurl Ballestero Cryo
  • Hilichurl Crossbow Electro
  • Hilichurl Crossbow Electro

    Objects and materials

  • Golden flower
  • Golden flower


    Dra. Livingstone.pngDra. Livingstone


    • Dadaupa in Hilichurlio means "great mountain" according to Hilichurlio's Brief Dictionary.
      • Dada 杈捐揪 also represents the first two characters of the Chinese name for Tartaglia (杈捐揪鍒╀簹). Coincidentally, the Combative Tendencies challenge was launched shortly before the replay of the Tartaglia banner The Goodbye of Snezhnaya. The reason for the event, which strives to become the strongest in Teyvat, also fits his personality.

    History changes

    • Version 1.4: The Fighting Tendencies Challenge was held at the Dadaupa Valley Coliseum.
    • Version 1.0: The Dadaupa Valley is introduced to the game.
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