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    Crimson quartz

    «Crimson quartz are rare gems that emanate a warm energy. Break them and collect their fragments so that your character can benefit from that energy.
    His influence will stop the build-up of Extreme Cold. Take advantage of this effect to conserve your heat for a long period of time. Attack an enemy before its duration expires and all the accumulated energy will be released at once.
    However, for some reason the teleportation points and Statues of The Seven remove the power of the crimson quartz ... »

    Each filtering bag Crimson Quartz They are strange gems found in Dragon Spin. Collecting them prevents the accumulation of extreme cold.


    "A type of crystal that looks like blood to the touch, as if it could join a person's body ...
    Attacking with a crimson body will release the energy it contains and destroy enemies. »

    ~ Crimson Quartz


    Once the fragments are collected, the player characters will get an effect, this adds extra damage (Pyro) On the next basic attack, this can be used to increase the damage dealt to enemies or to destroy Interactive Objects infused with Ancient Ice (currently the only way to break them).

    Example of an Item infused with Ancient Ice:

    Crimson quartzCrimson quartzCrimson quartzCrimson quartz

    Crimson quartzCrimson quartzCrimson quartz in natureCrimson quartzCrimson quartzEffect of Crimson Quartz
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