Creation: Tectonic Tide

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Creation: Tectonic Tide it's a talent from Albedo.


Albedo orders her Geo crystals to explode, flinging them forward and dealing Geo Damage on the AoE. If there is already a solar isotome created by Albedo on the battlefield, it will create 7 flowers of death within the area of 鈥嬧媡he isotome, causing a violent explosion that deals Geo Damage to the AoE.

Damage from the explosion and the flowers of death will not create a fleeting flower.

Change History

1.3 version Creation: Tectonic Tide was added to the game.


Talentos de Albedo
Favonius - Albor sword technique Abiogenesis: Solar isotome Creation: Tectonic Tide Limestone force Homunculus Wisdom Genius of alchemy
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