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    Connor is a non-playable character located inside the Vineyard of Dawn, in Mondstadt. He is a winemaker there and can be seen talking to Tunner.


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    Missions and events

    Legendary missions

    • The Dark Hero's Alibi

    World missions

    • Wine Materials for Connor


    • "It came from the Vineyard of Dawn ..."


    Connor: Welcome to the Vineyard of Dawn! Are you here visiting? Who you are? Connor: I'm Connor, the winemaker at Dawn Vineyard. I've worked here since Crepus was still in charge. Connor: Oh, Mr. Crepus was Mr. Diluc's father, and he was the former head of this Vineyard. Connor: Unfortunately, Mr. Crepus died in his prime, and now the burden of running the vineyard falls on Mr. Diluc's shoulders. Tell me about winemaking. Connor: Dandelion wine is the star product of our vineyard. It has a sweet and refreshing taste unique in the world, and a powerful cereal aroma. Connor: As for how it is produced, I suggest you look for the answers in < > and < > Connor: They are books written in great detail and easy to find in the library. But Mr. Diluc has never read them, not once ... Tell me about Diluc. Connor: Although Mr. Diluc seems to have little interest in wine, Connor: I think he has the same talent for making wine as his father. Only he always waits for the right moment to prove it. Connor: The only question is, when will that moment come? Goodbye. Connor: You go? If you meet Mr. Diluc ... Connor: No, it doesn't matter ... Enjoy your stay at Vi帽edo del Amanecer.
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