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    Concentrated resin

    «You can only have a maximum of 5 at the same time.
    Replaces the original Resin when revitalizing a Petrified Tree or Ley Flower and grants better rewards.
    Contains crystals full of energy.
    The roots and flowers of the Irminsul trees are connected with the ley lines, and the energy contained in the Resin unclogs the channels of the ley lines and removes the stagnant substances inside. »

    La Concentrated resin (Chinese: 浓缩 树脂) can be used to revitalize Ley Flowers or Petrified Trees in Domains to receive 2 sets of rewards at once. Both sets of rewards are random.

    The recipe to make Concentrated resin It can be obtained by reaching Reputation Level 3 in Liyue.

    Players can hold a maximum of 5 condensed resins at a time.


  • Crystal core
  • 1 × Crystal Core
  • Original resin
  • 40 × Original resin
  • blackberry
  • 100 × Sea
  • Concentrated resin
  • 1 × Concentrated resin
    • 1 Crystal core
    • 40 Original resin
    • 100 blackberry

    1 Concentrated resin

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