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    Clouds and passing stars

    Who I am
    Alejandra Rangel
    Author and references

    Clouds and passing stars is a Version 2.1 event

    • Have reached Adventure Rank 5 or higher.


    During the event, Accumulate 7 days of in-game login to get Intertwined Destiny 脳 10 and other rewards!


    Day Rewards
    Day 1 Intertwined Fate 脳 1
    Day 2 Mora x80 000
    Day 3 Intertwined Fate 脳 2
    Day 4 Mystic Refinement Ore x18
    Day 5 Intertwined Fate 脳 2
    Day 6 Hero's Wit 脳 8
    Day 7 Intertwined Fate 脳 5

    Total: Intertwined Destiny 脳 10, Mora x80 000, Hero's Wit 脳 8, Mystic Refinement Ore x18

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