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    Cherry petals

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    Alejandra Rangel
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    «A few petals of the Sacred Cherry Tree of the Narukami Grand Shrine. They float in the air thanks to the action of Electro energy. According to legend, the roots of the Thunder Cherry Trees intertwine with each other deep within the earth. If you continue, in the end you always come to the foot of this Sacred Cherry Tree that Inazuma protects. According to other legends, the Sacred Cherry Tree and Thunder Cherry Trees are believed to be part of the almighty Narukami, the result of dividing his divine form into various parts to better protect his subjects. »

    Each filtering bag Cherry petals They are a typical Inazuma item. They can only be collected after they come into contact with Electro.


    • 1 Obtaining
      • 1.1 Stores
    • 2 Uses
      • 2.1 Ascension
      • 2.2 Creation
    • 3 Curiosities


    Cherry Petals can be collected after using an Electro skill on floating groups of cherry petals, found throughout Narukami Island; many can be found notably around Yougou Mountain and the Narukami Grand Shrine.

    • Collect in nature
    • Collect on Narukami Island.

    Shops and stores

    The stores do not sell the Cherry Petals.



    This material can be used for the ascension of the following characters:

  • Kamisato ayaka
  • Kamisato ayaka

    Weapons do not use Cherry Petals for ascension.


    This material can be used to create the following cymbals:

  • Tricolor dango
  • Tricolor dango
  • Cherry mochis
  • Cherry mochis
  • Snow in the fireplace
  • Snow in the fireplace
  • Midsummer Night Fish
  • Midsummer Night Fish
  • Cherry tempura
  • Cherry tempura

    This material can be used to synthesize the following objects:

  • Cherry petals
  • 1 × Cherry petals
  • Horse tail
  • 1 × Ponytail
  • Fake fly bait
  • 10 × Fake Fly Bait
    • 1 Cherry petals
    • 1 Horse tail

    10 Fake Fly Bait


    • In Japanese, the name of this object is written with kyuujita (set of traditional characters) or jinmeiyou Chinese character 櫻, instead of the standard modern equivalent 桜 (sakura).
    • The Electrograin can be used to collect Cherry Petals by taking an Electrograin and attacking the cluster of Cherry Petals through a normal attack.
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