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    The deception, "Evil Eye", in the possession of Diluc's father.

    Each filtering bag Tricks They are treasures of incredible power that have Fatui origin. The Tsarina grants members worthy of the Fatui a Deception in person. Few members of the Fatui who are not part of the Eleven Heralds have one in their possession.

    Deceptions are said to make even faith and visions seem like child's play. According to reports from the Knights of Favonius, the use of the Tricks seems to emit the scent of Mist Grass.


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    About the Hoaxes

    Little is known about the Tricks, their origins, or their source of energy, as they are normally bestowed directly by the Tsarina. The Knights of Favonius appear to have done some research on the Hoaxes, although their documents on it were partially burned, suggesting that someone may have tried to destroy the research.

    Jean finding the report of the Crepus Deception.

    Hoaxes are extremely powerful, but potentially equally dangerous to their user; Crepus Ragnvindr, Diluc's father, was killed because he had to use one to defend his son, he ended up in such bad condition that Diluc decided to take his life to avoid suffering. After using the Legacy Transformation, an ability that was given to him thanks to his Deception, in the Golden House, Tartaglia is still wounded from its activation when the Traveler meets him again some time later, and tells them that he cannot use that ability often. When he ends up using it again, he becomes extremely weak afterward.

    In the manga, the Crepus Deception (which Diluc takes up after his father's death) takes the form of a Vision-like device that is placed on a glove. They can form chains of spikes that sprout from the palm of the glove, allowing them to deal with even large and powerful creatures like Ursa the Drake.

    While Collei is not a user of Deception, Archon's residue experiments performed on her gave her a power that is easily mistaken for a Deception, suggesting that they may be linked. After the Black Fire incident, Collei's fire was described as "a great hunger for anything living", and those who touched its flames were "devoured" and all that was left of them were "charred remains".

    Known Users

    • The Eleven Heralds of the Fatui
    • Crepus
    • Dilute



    Three years before the events of the manga, Crepus, Diluc's father, obtained a Deception, which he planned to gift to Diluc on his eighteenth birthday. When the Fatui lured Ursa the Draco to attack them on his way back to the Cellar, Crepus managed to save Diluc, but his power failed and left him in incredible agony.

    In the manga, Crepus disintegrates and disappears, however, in Kaeya's story, it is said that Diluc brought Crepus out of his misery by killing him. It is not known which event is the true one.

    Diluc ended up taking the Deception for himself. For reasons that are not fully understood, Deception never backfired on Diluc, but it may be because Diluc was a wielder of the Vision, while Crepus was not.

    After Diluc's departure from Mondstadt in search of the origins of the Hoaxes, he took the item with him, but not before Kaeya realized it. Having abandoned his Vision, he probably used it to fight the Fatui during his three-year journey through Teyvat.

    Upon his return to Mondstadt, he uses the Deception to ambush one of the Heralds' assistant, Krupp, during the cellar party. Il Dottore, Krupp's master, murders his servant using an unknown weapon, possibly his Deception. After Il Dottore sees Diluc's Deception, he takes an interest in that "Vision".

    A few days later, Diluc, in cahoots with Kaeya, poses as the perpetrator of the Black Fire incident when the Fatui arrive to arrest the culprit. Because Collei's black fire from the Archon of the Fatoui's residue research is easily mistaken for the power of a Deception, the Fatui guards accompanying Kaeya fall into the trap.

    Diluc uses the Evil Eye (the name of his Deception) one last time to keep Barnabas, the Fatui underling who performed the experiments on Collei, while Amber delivers the final blow and incapacitates the man. Kaeya and the guards arrive and see Diluc standing next to Barnabas. He is "captured" by Kaeya and taken prisoner for being a Fatui, but he escapes, leaving behind his mask that he was wearing at the time and his own Deception.

    In the game

    When Signora attacks Venti and the Traveler, she creates a blizzard capable of instantly freezing Venti's legs. However, he is not shown using a Vision, so it is possible that he was using a Deception instead of a Vision.

    During the Battle of the Golden House, Nobile uses his Deception. The element of their Deception is Electro, indicating that Deception is not tied to their user's vision element, if they have one. As he fully manifests the power of his Deception through the Legacy Transformation, Nobile's appearance changes drastically.

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