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    Bode well

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    Alejandra Rangel
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    "Zhihua feels that he will be lucky in love very soon, so he is looking everywhere for someone to help him ..."


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    • 3 Rewards
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    1. Talk to Zhihua.
    2. Look for signs of love.
    3. Informa a Zhihua.

    1. By completing the mission finding the 5 signs you will receive the achievement "Wonders of the world"
    2. By completing the mission by ruining 4 signals you will receive the achievement "Wonders of the world"
    3. In total there are 5 signals, but in each mission only 2 random ones will appear. It is also possible that 4 signals will appear, so the minimum number of times you will have to do the mission to get the achievements will be 5 times.
    4. The five signs to look for to get "Wonders of the World" are:
      • Grandma Shan selling a lot of toys.
      • Two pigeons together.
      • Two dogs playing.
      • A cat and a fish friends.
      • A stack of leaves.
    5. The four signs you'll need to screw up to get the "Wonders of the World" achievement are:
      • Kill the pigeons.
      • Drive away the dogs.
      • Kill the fish or scare the cat away.
      • Scatter the leaves.


    Adventure Range
    12 ~ 15 10 175 1,850 15 0 ~ 1 1 ~ 4 0
    16 ~ 20 10 200 2,125 20 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    21 ~ 25 10 200 2,400 20 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    26 ~ 30 10 225 ? ? 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    31 ~ 35 10 225 2,675 25 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    36 ~ 40 10 250 3,225 30 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    41 ~ 45 10 250 3,500 30 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    46 ~ 50 10 250 3,775 35 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    51 ~ 55 10 250 4,075 35 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2


    (Talk to Zhihua) Zhihua: 鈥淟ove is there far away, in the sky, and right under our noses. Without having to force it, one day it will come to you " What are you talking about? Zhihua: Do not you see it? Of my luck in love. Zhihua: Those words were written for me. "Far away, in the sky, and right under our noses ...". Zhihua: It obviously has a hidden message, but which one? Zhihua: I have read in several books that when luck knocks on your door, you can see signs everywhere. Zhihua: And I think my luck in love is about to come! Zhihua: Can you help me look for "signs" in the surroundings? Sure. Zhihua: Thank you so much! Why don't you go yourself? Zhihua: The spectator sees more than the player. If I was myself ... Zhihua: I would see everything as signs of my beloved. Zhihua: So I'm counting on you! (Talk to Zhihua again) Zhihua: One day my love will arrive, of that I am sure. (Grandma Shan) Paimon: It seems that this lady is doing very well today. Paimon: But I don't think it has anything to do with luck in love. Paimon: It is better that we tell Zhihua and let him judge for himself. (Pile of leaves) Paimon: A pile of leaves? Paimon doesn't understand how that relates to luck in love. Paimon: But ... We'd better tell Zhihua. Paimon: Maybe he can judge better. (Pigeons) Paimon: Look at those two pigeons. Being together, it is as if they were very close. Paimon: Do you think it is a sign that Zhihua is looking for? Paimon: In addition, Paimon believes that it is the best omen of luck in love. (Fish and cat) Paimon: Look, what is that cat seeing? Paimon: I think he's staring at ... a fish? Paimon: And it seems that the fish rests on the water's edge. Paimon: It is seen that they are very good friends. Paimon: Not bad for a sign, don't you think? Let's go back to tell Zhihua, he will surely be happy. (Dogs) Paimon: Sight! There are some puppies playing. Paimon: They seem to get along very well. Paimon: With such a sign, Paimon is sure that Zhihua will be happy. (report to Zhihua) Zhihua: How's it going? Did you find any signs? I see that business is going well today. Zhihua: What if business is good? Well, it's not bad at all, I can't complain. Zhihua: You just have to have a little patience and motivation, and the benefits will come by themselves. Zhihua: It is a sign that life and love are like that too. Zhihua: * Ahem * Thanks, I have to reflect on all this ... Zhihua: Chiming! There will be a day when I ... And those fallen leaves ...? Paimon: Seriously? Even Paimon knows that dead leaves have nothing to do with love! Zhihua: Some fallen leaves? Of course, they have everything to do with it! Zhihua: Although they are apparently withered and of no use, these leaves will have their time to shine. Zhihua: With a spark they can burn and illuminate. With a breath of wind, they can fly in the air. Zhihua: It's basically a sign that if I safeguard my love, the opportunity will come for Chiming and I ... Zhihua: Oh! But nobody knows how, when or where, it just depends on the heavens. Zhihua: But there is nothing to worry about, all things go through something, you just have to be patient. Zhihua: * Sighs * I look forward to them. I saw a couple of doves on a roof ... Zhihua: Oh! Good very good. Zhihua: Two doves in love that, when they leave the nest, only count on each other and only want to fly together towards the sky. Zhihua: This must be a sign ... It means that soon I will find someone who will love me! Zhihua: And when she overcomes all obstacles and manages to escape the bustle of the people, we will fly together ... Zhihua: * Ahem * They did a great job. When I have time, I'll go visit Chiming ... A cat and a fish became friends ... Zhihua: You have to keep your eyes peeled to find those signs! Zhihua: Such an unusual friendship is great, no matter it is between cats and fish. Zhihua: It has to be love! The power of love can overcome everything! Zhihua: If I could, I'd like to show my appreciation. Zhihua: This is a sign that in love there is no need to fear in the face of adversity, only then can Chiming ... Zhihua: * Ahem * Thank you! Thank you! There was a group of puppies ... Zhihua: Maybe it is a bad sign? Maybe my love has come to an end? Paimon: Hey? But a group of puppies seem to get along ... Zhihua: I know those puppies. They get along and have played together forever. Zhihua: Not bad, but in reality they still need to find their other half ... Zhihua: By the time they get old, it will be too late ... Zhihua: That sign ... Does it mean that I can only make friends, never being able to find my other half? Zhihua: Sorry, I need some alone time ... Zhihua: Did something else happen? That's all for now. Zhihua: All right, I'll check with Madam Chiming again.
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