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El Bakufu de Inazuma (Japanese: 稲 妻 幕府 Inazuma Bakufu), also called the Shogunate, is the entity that governs Inazuma. It is led by the Electro Archon, Baal, also known as the Shogun Raiden. Beneath the Bakufu is the Inazuma Triumvirate, a group of three commissions that oversee all affairs in Inazuma.


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Name Image Headline Japanese Romanization
Baal No pictocaptures available Shogun General | Sho | Army | Gun Shougun
Hiiragi Shinsuke No pictocaptures available Commissioner Kanjou - -
Kujou Takayuki No pictocaptures available Commissioner Tenryou - -
Kamisato Ayato No pictocaptures available Commissioner Yashiro - -
Takatsukasa Tomohide No pictocaptures available Secretary of the Treasury - -
Matsukawa Souzen No pictocaptures available Official Governor - -
Nagaoka Hidemitsu No pictocaptures available Reserve Officer - -

Auxiliary Personnel

Other personnel serving under Inazuma's Bakufu can be found on these pages:

  • Tenryou Commission Staff
  • Kanjou Commission Staff
  • Yashiro Commission Staff
  • Personnel attached to the Army of the Shogun.

Inazuma Triumvirate

Main Article: Inazuma Triumvirate

Name Clan Leader Commissioner Responsibility
Tenryou Commission Kujou clan Kujou Takayuki Leader of Public Safety

Handles military and police affairs Enforces the Capture of Visions Decree

Kanjou Commission Clan Hiragi Hiiragi Shinsuke Inazuma financial arm

Manage the nation's finances

Monitor the borders of Inazuma

Handles commercial and bureaucratic affairs

Enforces the Sakoku Decree

Yashiro Commission Clan Kamisato Kamisato Ayato Inazuma Cultural Representative

Responsible for ceremonial affairs, celebratory events and public festivals.

Manage shrines and temples

Considered the Commission closest to Baal


  • Bakufu (Japanese: 幕府 Bakufu) is sometimes translated as "Shogunate", although in this case if the translation were applied, it would be done incorrectly because the shoguns of Feudal Japan and the Japanese Unification era were government agencies. , and the Bakufu of Inazuma is an administrative body, with a role similar to that of the Hyojoshu. It should be noted that they are similar, but not the same. The Tri-commission is the equivalent of the Japanese Hyojoshu, from the Tokugawa shogunate, in Genshin Impact.
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