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    Baby Dragarto Geo

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    芦A young Dragarto with a tough Geo exoskeleton. They are exceptionally agile creatures that it is wise not to underestimate in battle. Sumeru Academy experts believe that they turn into dragons when they are fully grown. By avoiding predators and natural disasters, perhaps they can even live long enough to become formidable beasts that reign over entire mountains. 禄

    ~ Description of the Adventurer's Manual.

    HR Dragarto Geo hatchlings they are small lizard babies. When their attacks are deflected by an enemy's shield, they appear to be paralyzed for a moment due to the recoil.


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    • 2 Skills and attacks
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  • Fragile bone fragment
  • Fragile Bone Fragment Lvl 1
  • Solid Bone Fragment
  • Solid Bone Fragment Lvl 40+
  • Fossilized bone fragment
  • Fossilized Bone Fragment Lvl 60+

    Skills and attacks

    • Cutting attack: The Geo Draizard Hatchling approaches and makes a cross slash with its claws, dealing a decent amount of Geo elemental damage.
    • Spinning attack: The Geo Dragonborn hatchling leaps into the air, curls up and begins spinning like a top at high speeds upon landing, coming into contact with a spinning hatchling will result in continuous physical damage.
    • Rolling attack: The Geo Dragonborn Crouches into a ball and begins to roll at high speeds, causing physical damage on contact. The hatchling is not heading at you and instead rolls randomly and only changes direction when it collides with something. If the hatchling collides with the player while the shield is active, it will come out of its swing state and be stunned for a few seconds.
    • Dig: The Gentoo Dragarto Geo hides on the ground and appears at a considerable distance. When sinking into the ground, the hatchling excavates 2 bright yellow Geo Crystals that the player can collect and form a shield, protecting the player from the hatchling's attacks.


    The Geo Dragonborn Chicks are fairly easy foes to deal with, but they are mostly irritating. Its spinning attack is particularly dangerous, as it can deal considerable damage and even break some shields. They have a nasty habit of digging frequently, making them invulnerable to all damage during their animation.

    When the hatchling hides, it leaves behind two Geo Crystals that can be collected to form a shield. After reappearing, the hatchling tends to roll uncontrollably in the surrounding area. If he encounters a player with a shield, either from the crystals left behind or via an elemental ability, he will turn around and attempt to get back on his feet, leaving him vulnerable for several seconds. However, doing this is generally impractical due to erratic steering and it is better to attack them from afar or wait.

    Many Catalyst wielders can be effective in landing hits on Geo Dredger Hatchlings, as their AI is erratic and they have annoyingly high speeds. Every time the hatchling attacks with the cutting, spinning or rolling attack, there is a possibility to attack it and stop it with Freeze. Other Elemental Reactions they work just as well, but they don't widen the given window of opportunity. The easiest way to stop the hatchling would be to hit it with Barbara's normal attack, then Kaeya's Elemental Skill, Frost Strike.


    The location of the Geo Draizard Hatchling can be obtained on the map by using the Adventurer's Handbook.

    In Pantano DihuaIn Puerta de PiedraEast of the Tianchiu ValleySoutheast of the Tianchu ValleySoutheast of the Dunyu RuinsEast of the Ruins of DuyunIn Huaguang Stone ForestWest of the Dihua Swamp

    Change history

    1.0 version Baby Dragarto Geo was added to the game.
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