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    HR weapons in Genshin Impact they are equipments that help the player during their missions by inflicting damage to enemies.


    Weapon types

    There are 5 different types of weapons in Genshin Impact, and each character can use only one type.

    Name Info
    bow Bows occupy the long-range attacks in the game, with charged attacks capable of hitting monsters from as far as the eye can reach and with enough aim.
    Catalyst Due to its magical nature, all normal and charged attacks made with a catalyst are considered elemental damage. The element of damage depends on the natural element or the vision of the wearer.
    Greatsword Greatswords limit the character using them to slower blows than other combat weapons, but they do much more damage per hit. They also have a damage bonus for breaking Geo objects, such as a monster's shell.
    Sword Sword attacks are the midpoint of close combat weapons. The damage of his blows and the speed of his attacks are between the slow but powerful attacks of the greatsword and the fast but less powerful attacks of the spears.
    Lanza Spears are the fastest attack of all and have a good frontal range.


    All weapons have a rarity ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. Higher rarity weapons have higher stat growth than lower rarity weapons, but are more difficult to obtain.

    As an example: even if the Debate Club (3-star Greatsword) and Wolf's Tombstone (5-star Greatsword) are both at level 20, the former has a base attack of 87 points with an additional base attack of 9.8% in his second stat, while the second has a base attack of 160 points with an additional base attack of 15.1% in his second stat.


    • 5 Star Weapons: They can only be obtained through Wishes.
    • 4 Star Weapons: They can be obtained through Wishes and some can be created through the Forge.
    • 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star weapons: They can be left as a reward for defeating some bosses, or obtained from chests in the open world.



    Like characters, weapons gain experience and increase their level by consuming other weapons or using materials to upgrade them.


    Also like characters, weapons can be promoted when they reach their maximum available level up to 6 times (at level 90).

    Ascension Maximum level Adventure Rank required
    Base 20
    First 40 15
    Monday 50 25
    Third 60 30
    Quarter 70 35
    Farm 80 40
    Sixth 90 50

    Passive effects

    Weapons with a rarity of 3 stars or higher have a passive effect in addition to their secondary stat. These effects can be simple bonuses like increasing elemental damage, or more complex like providing one of several random bonuses when switching to the character carrying the item.


    A weapon can be refined by consuming another identical weapon. The weapon's passive effect increases with each refinement, up to a maximum of 5 levels.

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