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    Each filtering bag Archons They are beings with great control over elemental energy and whose life expectancy is much longer than that of mortals. They also have a link to Celestia, although it is currently unknown how that link worked for gods that predate The Seven.

    Before the War of the Archons, many gods roamed the continent of Teyvat. For unknown reasons, seven divine seats were opened in Celestia, causing the continent to descend into a protracted series of conflicts that ended 2000 years ago. In the course of the war, most of the gods were killed or sealed until only seven victors remained; each became the Archon of their respective element and became the rulers of one of the future seven nations, using their powers to transform their terrain and ruling the land according to their ideals.



    Currently very little is known about the origins of the gods. Barbatos, for example, was an insignificant wind spirit until he met and formed a bond with the nameless bard and from there he finally gained enough power through the faith of the Gunnhildr Clan to challenge the ancient ruler of the city. from Mondstadt, Decarabian. After his victory, he ascended to divinity, became Archon Anemo after Andrius retired from the Archon War, and used his powers to create his current body, Venti. Nothing is known about the origins of Morax; By the time he descended upon Liyue with his people, he was already considered Archon Geo.

    In the past, an expectation for the gods was love for humanity, using their powers as gods to guide and protect them; Andrius, who had a low opinion of human society, was seen as a rarity. However, after the Seven were established and their original members passed away, the new archons no longer fulfilled their duty to guide humanity.

    When a god dies, their power flows from them into the surrounding area. If they pass voluntarily, they can control the flow of power and use it for the benefit of the earth. However, if they die, the surge of power can easily overwhelm those around them; for example, the power released after Havria's death salinized his followers. The gods cannot be completely destroyed, even if its physical form is destroyed, its will and power remain alive. The remnants and the wrath of the defeated god will remain in the world, waiting for opportunities to wreak havoc.

    Archon War

    The War of the Archons was a protracted conflict between gods for supremacy that began several thousand years ago and ended two thousand years ago. It is not clear how long ago the war started or why it did so; However, before that date, the gods were able to live together in peace.

    The Guili Assembly, established by Guizhong and Morax in the Guili Plain in the distant past, was a civilization destroyed during the chaos of the Archon War, which scattered its people across Liyue. 3 years ago, and an unknown time after the fall of the Guili Assembly, Morax rallied his people, led them south of the Tianheng Mountain Range, and established the port of Liyue. Sometime later, Havria was killed by her own people for being weak, and the survivors from Sal Terrae scattered across Liyue. Osial and Chi were subdued by Morax, along with countless other gods.

    2 years ago, in the midst of the Archon War, the god of blizzards Andrius fought the god of storms, Decarabian. In his bitter stalemate, Barbatos challenged Decarabian for Mondstatd's freedom and emerged victorious. After Decarabian's death, Barbatos became the new Archon Anemo, while Andrius decided not to be fit for the position and preferred to move on, using his winds to nurture the new Mondstadt that Barbatos created.

    About 2 years ago, the War of the Archons came to an end when the seventh and final victor claimed his seat. These victors were from then on known as The Seven. The gods who refused to live under his rule fled to islands within the Dark Sea, regions outside the control of The Seven, where they became evil gods.

    Of the seven victors of the War of the Archons, only two remain at the beginning of the game's history: Barbatos and Morax. Most of the current members of The Seven replaced the original founders of the seven nations of Teyvat, with Archon Dendro being the newest of them at 500 years old.


    Among the Seven, each Archon is associated with and worshiped by one of the seven nations of Teyvat. The elemental environment of the nation is based on the element of the Archon.

    The power of an Archon is directly tied to his level of control over his nation. As a result, Venti, who travels as a bard and refuses to directly control the people of Mondstadt, is extremely weak by Archon standards, while the Tsarina or Morax are exceedingly powerful.

    Humans who have been recognized by the gods will receive a Vision, an Eye of God, which will allow them to manipulate elemental energy. Vision bearers are known as "halogens" and are also privileged to have the opportunity to ascend to divinity. The role of an Archon in relation to the Visions is currently unclear, but the lack of new Electro Visions after the Electro Archon, Beelzebul, promulgated the Visions Capture Decree, may indicate that the Archons are the ones who possibly grant them but do not revoke them with your powers.

    Lista de Arcontes

    The seven

    Emblem Element Nations Divine Ideal Real name Local alias Current person Status Theme
    Archon Anemo (Wind) Mondstadt Freedom manly Lord Barbatos Winds Absent

    (he is incognito)

    Archon Geo (Earth) Liyue Contracts Morax King of the Stone Zhongli Dead

    (faked his death and retired)

    Archon Electro (Electricity) Inazuma Eternity Beelzebul Shogun Raiden Ei Active Japan
    Archon Dendro (Nature) Sumeru Wisdom Unknown Goddess of Wisdom / Lesser Queen Kusanali Unknown Active Middle East / India
    Archon Hydro (Water) Fontaine Justice Unknown Unknown Unknown Active France
    Archon Pyro (Fire) Natlan War Unknown The Lady of Fire ¿Murata? Active Unknown
    Archon Cryo (Ice) Snezhnaya Love Unknown The Zarina Unknown Active Russian empire

    Other Archons and Gods

    Other archons and gods referenced throughout the stories and descriptions of equipment at Teyvat:

    Name Securities Nation State
    Andrius The God of Blizzards
    Lupus boreas
    Mondstadt Physically deceased
    (his spirit still exists in the Kingdom of the Wolves)
    Decarabian The God of Storms; Lord of the Tower
    Archon Anemo (before The Seven)
    Mondstadt Passed away
    Guizhong The Goddess of Dust Liyue Deceased
    there would be The Goddess of Salt Liyue Deceased
    Naberius ? ? Deceased
    Osial Overlord of the Vortex Liyue outcast
    ? Unknown goddess
    The Protector of the Celestial Principles
    ? ?
    ? The God of the Sea Liyue ?
    ? The Goddess of Time Mondstadt ?
    ? The God of the Forests
    Archon Dendro (former member of The Seven)
    Sumeru Passed away
    ? The God of a thousand eyes and a hundred arms Inazuma ?
    ? Unknown (the ancient Archon who gave Andrius his powers) Mondstadt Deceased


    • Each gemstone used for ascension has the words and blessings of each Archon for the wearer.
    • The gods can take any form they wish; Morax has taken the form of a young man, a woman, and an older man, with Zhongli as his most recent recipient. Venti's vessel is based on that of the unnamed bard.
      • Vessels built by the power of an archon have a different composition than normal human bodies; for example, Venti cannot be cured normally (in the story, not in the game), while Zhongli says that he cannot get sick. That being said, Venti is somehow allergic to cats.
    • The Chinese name for the Archon Missions is 魔神 任务 "Tasks of the Devil", indicating that the Traveler's journey will involve the gods of yore and not just The Seven.


    • "Archon" is a Latin word that refers to "A person who claims the right to rule or exercise sovereign power or authority over other human beings."
      • In Gnosticism, the seven Archons are supernatural beings subordinate to the Demiurge, the creator of the material universe that is below the Monad, the true God. Each Archon presides over one of the seven planets. By attaining gnosis, an understanding of divine knowledge, one can transcend the confines of the mortal world and escape the domain of the Archons.
        • In Manichaeism, a religion linked to Gnosticism, there are five Archons who together form the Prince of Darkness. Here, the Archons are seen as an indisputably evil force.
      • "Allogenes", also known as the "Stranger", is a Gnostic figure who is half human, half divine, and has the power to communicate with other kingdoms. In some writings on Allogenes, it is said that he became completely divine.
    • In the original Chinese game, the term for Archon is 魔神 (demon god). In particular, the standard Chinese translation for demons in the Ars Goetia, from which the names of the Archons as well as Paimon are derived, is 所羅門 七 十二 柱 魔神 (The 72 Demon Gods of Solomon).
      • The Chinese and Japanese term for Allogene is 原 神 (Yuánshén / Genshin, literally "original god"), the same word used in the game's title.
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