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Arataki Itto (Japanese: 荒 瀧 一 斗 Arataki Itto) is a character from Inazuma who has been mentioned by Yoimiya, Sayu, NPCs, and on bulletin boards. He is known for his largely one-sided rivalry with Kujou Sara after she defeated him and took his Vision.


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Itto is probably a descendant of Arataki, a famous martial artist in the Inazuma story. Based on the epithets that he designs himself, as well as the physical descriptions that other NPCs have given him, he has oni blood running through his veins.


Arataki Itto is described as tall, with a large build and two huge horns, which at first looks terrifying at first glance.


Despite describing him as "mean and overbearing", Rie rumors claim that Itto "is not a bully" and, beyond trying to fight Sara at all times, is generally a kind person who plays with children. However, she is also very competitive, as Shouta complains that she always plays cards and wins her snacks, while Yoimiya claims that she always pressures her with friendly competitions, such as who can eat the most ramen.

Unlike other victims of the Visions Capture Decree, Itto, at least according to his messages, has not shown the usual symptoms of apathy and loss of ambition. Regardless, his fiery personality means that he often creates a fuss wherever he goes.


Itto was a wielder of the Vision that was confiscated from him after being defeated by Kujou Sara of the Tenryou Commission, whom he always addresses as "Kujou Tengu" or some variation of it. Since then, he has sought a rematch, following her across various islands in the archipelago and proclaiming his intention to fight her on every bulletin board, much to his dismay.

Rie, although he mentions it indirectly, claims that there are many rumors around him: some claim that he is a bully and bossy, while others claim that he is a kind person who enjoys playing with children and riding arenas to fight insects. It is also revealed that he has a kind of "gang", but there is no information on them, other than a member known as the "Ninja Kuki".


  • Arataki always places a different epithet between his name, such as Arataki "The Supreme" Itto or Arataki "The Oni King of Sumo" Itto.
  • Based on his personality descriptions, Arataki may have carried a Pyro Vision.
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