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    Anthony is a non-playable character located in Mondstadt. Anthony can be found at the fountain from 19:00 PM to 06:00 AM. Anthony is trying to help his sister Anna with her rare illness. So he has a job and at night, he also collects coins that were thrown into the fountain to pay for a medicine that can cure his illness. Anthony knows that what he is doing at the source is wrong, but believes that the Archons will forgive his actions because the money he collects from the source will go to buy medicine to heal his sister.

    Anthony offers a mission as a daily assignment called Miracle Medicine. He asked for a prescription from a master doctor in Liyue harbor that can heal Anna. You need to find a berry processed with Dendro that the doctor requested to make the medicine. However, he does not want to do it himself because he believes that it will not be successful. When he tried to get herbs for Anna's medication in the past, he was chased by a group of Dendro Slimes. So he asks the Traveler to look for berries that have been ingested and processed by Slimes Dendro. If the Traveler was unsuccessful, Anthony himself would attempt to defeat a Slime Dendro for Anna's sake.


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