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    This article is about the character. For the head of the Reminiscence Domain, see Challenge the Wolf of the North.

    Andrius, also known as Lupus boreas (Latin: Wolf of the North Wind), was a powerful god in Mondstadt best known for his war against Decarabian, the God of Storms, during the War of the Archons. Towards the end of the era, Andrius decided to let his physical body die, leaving his spirit behind to watch over the land of Mondstadt.

    Andrius later became one of the Four Winds tasked with protecting the nation at the request of Archon Anemo Barbatos. At some point, he settled in the Kingdom of Wolves, where he can manifest a temporary form made of ice and wind to fight those who accept his challenge. After completing Razor's legendary quest, The Meaning of Lupical, Andrius can face off as a boss enemy in the Kingdom of Wolves by initiating the Northern Wolf Challenge. The rewards for this challenge can be collected once a week.



    «A noble soul who watches over the Kingdom of Wolves. When the safety of the wolves is threatened, it will take the form of a wolf and display its fangs and claws. His powers are said to have been bestowed upon him by an ancient archon.

    A blurry shape flashing through the forest, a chilling howl in the indeterminate distance, the progressive sensation of eyes constantly fixed on their back ...

    Humans rarely have the opportunity to block their eyes with a wolf, because this is the law that Lupus Boreas established for their race. »


    While Andrius' true appearance remains unknown. As the ruler of wolves, Andrius takes the form of a large blue-colored wolf.


    Andrius is described as a "noble soul". However, or perhaps because of that, he sees human society as a disappointment and only accepts abandoned babies as they were born guiltless and pure. Even Razor, whom Andrius raised, is ultimately rejected by Andrius for getting too involved with humans.

    For reasons still unknown, Andrius held a deep grudge against the former Archon Anemo, Decarabian, on whom he declared war. This resentment did not stem from his dislike of humans; however, he ceased his attacks once Barbatos took over, and he even cooperated with Barbatos and became one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt.


    More than 2 years ago, Andrius declared war on Decarabian, then Archon Anemo, but failed to land a scratch on the Lord of the Tower. In turn, Decarabian was unable or unwilling to defeat Andrius, and instead kept the people of Mondstadt safe by locking them within the confines of his storm. However, his people grew dissatisfied with the Decarabian government, and eventually rose up against it with the help of Barbatos.

    After Decarabian's death, both Andrius and Barbatos were qualified to take his post as Archon Anemo. Believing himself unsuitable for the role due to the lack of love for humanity that an archon should have, Andrius decided to skip the position. At the end of her life, she realized that her blizzards could only take lives and decided to let their power flow into the earth to nurture her and her people.

    Upon the death of his physical body, part of Andrius' spirit and power took on the icy form that players fight with. However, this form is unable to harness all of its abilities.



    • Razor was taken in by Andrius when he was a child and grew up with wolves in the Kingdom of Wolves.

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