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    Aloy is a playable character in Genshin Impact.

    She is the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn and is featured as a collaboration and crossover character between Guerrilla Games and miHoYo. Aloy will be released for a limited time in Version 2.1 on PlayStation and Version 2.2 on all devices.


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    I'm not a person who likes to talk about herself. The important thing is the mission. »

    ~ Aloy

    She used to be an outcast, but today she is an exceptionally agile hunter. She is always ready to use her bow and arrows.

    Outcast, engine hunter, seeker, chosen one, savior ... Aloy had different identities in her world and, due to her genetics, she was destined to become the heroine who would cure him.

    Today she finds herself in a new world full of challenges never seen before and, as always, she is delighted to re-dedicate herself body and soul to hunting.


    Aloy is a Caucasian girl with long, light auburn hair, part of which is tied in braids. She also has accessories in her hair like beads. His eyes are green, his eyebrows are narrow, and on his right ear he wears a Focus, a type of headset that serves as a multipurpose sensory interface.

    Her outfit consists of a linen undergarment, a fur top, and a fur wrapped around the shoulders. The collars closest to her neck are made of braided or rolled leather. The three lower necklaces are made of wooden beads, dyed with raw pigment. Aloy bracelets consist of a layer of skin wrapped around the arm, over which a skin of skin is placed upside down to cushion the third layer, which is a plate from a machine.

    The skirt lapels are tucked under her belt, which consists of several smaller leather belts and a red silk sash. He uses several leather pouches that attach to his belt, along with a rope and his quiver, carrying his Vision Cryo on a case at the rear. His pants are made of leather panels. He wears a badge from a machine that is kept by a leather tie.

    Aloy's shoes are made of rough leather carefully stitched to fit Aloy's feet. Like her bracelets, Aloy's knee brace is a small plate taken from a machine. It is held in place with braided blue cord and a leather tie.


    Aloy is curious, determined, and determined to uncover the mysteries of the world. Unlike many in her tribe who avoid the use of technology, she sees it as a unique and practical tool to aid her in her quest, a belief that was born when she used her Focus to save a young man from certain death.

    Aloy frequently shows that she is not good at relating to people, being treated as less than human for the first 18 years of her life and having little human interaction, except for her mentor, Rost. She is very direct and sarcastic, she never hesitates to tell people exactly what she thinks of them, even when it would not be wise to do so.


    Treated as an outcast from birth, Aloy grew up in the wild mountains near where the tribe that disowned her lived. Raised by a skilled hunter, she trained to hunt with the stealth of a cat and deadly efficiency. But what he most wanted to know, he couldn't teach him. Above all, she longed to find out what happened when she was born, who her parents were, and why she was marginalized by the tribe.

    The search for answers led her to a great world far more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. He encountered powerful and strange new tribes, ancient ruins riddled with enigmas, and dangerous enemies, both human and machine.

    He eventually learned that his origins and destiny were strongly related to the fate of the world itself, having fought in epic combat to save the world from the evil artificial intelligence forces of the past.

    He thought this would be the end of his journey. But there is always something new to tell in the story of an adventurer. Now he has come to Teyvat, in search of new challenges.

    In this new world, Aloy is ready to hunt!


    • How can I get Aloy?
      • All travelers with an Adventure Rank 20 or higher will be able to obtain the exclusive 5 * character Aloy, "the Savior of Another World" (Cryo) through the internal mail of the game.
      • This event will be divided into two phases:
        • Phase 1
          • After version 2.1 update to 2.2 maintenance update (Oct 13, 2021 05:59 UTC +8)
          • During the event, all travelers who log in to Genshin Impact through PS4 / PS5 will be able to obtain Aloy, "the Savior of Another World" (Cryo) through the internal mail of the game.
        • Phase 2
          • After version 2.2 update - before version 2.3 maintenance update (Nov 24, 2021 05:59 UTC +8)
          • During the event, all travelers who log into Genshin Impact through any of the platforms and have not obtained the character in phase 1 of the event, will be able to obtain Aloy, "the Savior of Another World" (Cryo) at through the internal mail of the game.
    • Is it possible to get Aloy's Stella Fortuna? Will I be able to activate your constellation?
      • For now, his Stella Fortuna will not be obtainable. It is not yet time for Aloy's sky to light up.
    • How to get Aloy's talent upgrade materials and character upgrade materials?
      • You can obtain Aloy's Talent Upgrade Materials and Character Upgrade Materials through expeditions, completing Mastery Challenges, and defeating monsters.
    • Will Aloy be able to get Friendship EXP?
      • Aloy will be able to get Friendship EXP in the same way as the other companions, and will be able to increase her Friendship level up to Lv. 10.
    • Will Aloy have her own exclusive card?
      • After reaching Lv. 10 Friendship with Aloy, you can get the exclusive card "Aloy - Dawn".
    • Can Aloy be invited to the Relaxer?
      • Like the other companions, Aloy can be invited to the Relaxer. By inviting her, you will continually earn Friendship EXP. You can also interact with her in the inner world.

    Combat information


    Talent Description

    Fast fire
    (Normal attack)
    Normal Attack: Perform up to 4 consecutive attacks.

    Charged Attack: You can fire a more accurate shot that deals more damage. When aiming, it creates frost that accumulates cold on the tip of the arrow. When the cold builds up fully, the arrow deals Cryo Damage on impact with the enemy.

    Icy field
    (Elemental skill)
    Throws an icy bomb in the direction it is pointing, causing an explosion on impact, dealing Cryo Damage. Upon exploding, the bomb splits into several freezing mini-bombs that explode on contact with an enemy or after a certain amount of time, dealing Cryo Damage.
    • When hitting an enemy, the Frozen Bomb or Mini Freeze Bombs reduce that enemy's ATK and grant Aloy a charge of the Induction effect. Only one induction charge can be obtained every 0.1 s.


    • Increases the damage Aloy deals with her Normal Attack based on the number of Induction charges. • When she has 4 charges, Aloy consumes all of them and gains "Galloping Ice", which further increases the damage of her Normal Attack and transforms all damage done by that attack into Cryo Damage.
    • In the galloping ice state, Aloy will not be able to benefit from induction. Induction effects will be lost 30 seconds after Aloy is withdrawn from combat.

    Dawn prophecy
    (Ultimate ability)
    Aloy throws a battery overflowing with Cryop in the direction it is pointing and detonates it with an arrow, dealing Cryo Damage on the AoE.

    Warlike overlay
    (Passive 1)
    When Aloy is inducted by Cold Field, her ATK is increased by 16% and the ATK of nearby team members is increased by 8% for 10 sec.

    Blunt blow
    (Passive 2)
    When Aloy is under the effects of Galloping Ice from Frostfield, she gains 3.5% Bonus Cryo Damage per second. A maximum of 35% bonus Cryo Damage can only be reached this way.

    Hunter of the Wild
    (Passive 3)
    When Aloy is on the team, your characters will not scare animals from which poultry, raw meat, and frozen meat can be obtained.
    Talent enhancement materials

    Teachings of freedom

    Freedom guide

    Philosophy of freedom

    Spectral shell

    Spectral heart

    spectral core

    Moment of melting


    For now, his Stella Fortuna will not be obtainable. It is not yet time for Aloy's sky to light up.

    Each constellation activation requires a Stella Fortuna.
    Level Constellation Description
    Star from another world
    It is not yet time for this person's sky to light up.
    Star from another world
    It is not yet time for this person's sky to light up.
    Star from another world
    It is not yet time for this person's sky to light up.
    Star from another world
    It is not yet time for this person's sky to light up.
    Star from another world
    It is not yet time for this person's sky to light up.
    Star from another world
    It is not yet time for this person's sky to light up.


    Ascension Nvl. Max. Cost Material Elemental 1 Material Elemental 2 Local Specialty Common Material
    1 20 20,000
    1 × Piece of jade shivada
    3× Crystallized Marrow

    3 × Spectral Shell
    2 40 40,000
    3 × Shivada Jade Fragment

    2× Crystal flower

    10× Crystallized Marrow

    15 × Spectral Shell
    3 50 60,000
    6 × Shivada Jade Fragment

    4× Crystal flower

    20× Crystallized Marrow

    12 × Spectral Heart
    4 60 80,000
    3 × Piece of Jade Shivada

    8× Crystal flower

    30× Crystallized Marrow

    18 × Spectral Heart
    5 70 100,000
    6 × Piece of Jade Shivada

    12× Crystal flower

    45× Crystallized Marrow

    12× Spectral core
    6 80 120,000
    6× Jade shivada

    20× Crystal flower

    60× Crystallized Marrow

    24× Spectral core
    Max 90 Maximum level


    Max. Level Life ATQ DEF Unknown
    20 1 -
    20 -
    40 20 -
    40 -
    50 40
    60 50
    70 60
    80 70
    90/Max 80

    locker rooms

  • Huntress Agility
  • Huntress Agility

    Constellation of Nora FortisAloy (visualization) .png Character image


    • How to get Aloy, "The Savior of Another World" (Cryo)
    • "My bow and arrows are at the service of others"
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