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    Almond tofu

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    Aina Martin
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    El Almond tofu It is a dish that the player can prepare. The recipe can be obtained by researching Posada Wangshu's kitchen table. The dish can be purchased from Verr Goldet in the same establishment for Blackberry × 1550 (maximum 2 per day).

    When Xiao prepares the Almond Tofu, he has a chance to create Sweet Dreams instead.


    Like most foods, this dish has no effect on other players in Co-op Mode.

    • Increase the ATK of all team members by 66/81/95 pts. for 300 s.


  • Milk
  • 3 × Milk
  • Sugar
  • 1 × Sugar
  • Almonds
  • 1 × Almond
  • Almond tofu
  • 1 × Almond tofu
    • 3 Milk
    • 1 Sugar
    • 1 Almonds

    1 almond tofu

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